Do you have a yarn obsession?

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Do you have a Yarn Obsession?

Do you have a yarn obsession?

So, someone who doesn’t crochet or knit or play with yarn in any way asked me “what is a yarn obsession?” I said “It’s the same as any obsession but it’s good for you.” The puzzled look I got told me that they would never understand.

Those of us who work with yarn know that having a yarn obsession means that when we go to Michael’s or Joanne or Hobby Lobby even if we didn’t go to buy yarn, we have to take a peek at what they have. It means that going to the local yarn store is an outing that can only be done when there is a budget to be spent on yarn (because something will be spent). It means that we may not do anything with ALL the yarn we have, but all the yarn we have has a purpose.


When I was naming this company I wanted to use a name that would also incorporate an abbreviation found in crochet so I went with “Yarn Obsession” because one of the first terms I learned was “Yarn Over” abbreviated “YO”. Yes, I have a yarn obsession, but it’s not killing me. It’s giving me the ability to make beauty around me and to make people happy. It gives me the opportunity to help provide for my family and in the process help someone else fall in love with yarn.

If you do not understand my yarn obsession, you must not play with yarn.

Tell me, what does having a yarn obsession mean to you? I’d love to hear about those things you do that make others who ‘don’t get it’ look at you funny.