Yarn Obsession with Heart – Giving Back

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Yarn Obsession with Heart – Giving Back


I’m so excited to tell you about something new I’ve just started here at Yarn Obsession! It’s been coming for a few years, but never found it’s voice until now. It’s “Yarn Obsession with Heart” and it’s how we, you and I, are going to give back while having fun doing it. A few years ago I discovered Kiva and from the moment I met them I was in love. Here was a non-profit that asked you to donate to a micro loan that an entrepreneur around the world had applied for. 100% of your donation went to helping that person live their dreams. The best part, is when they pay you back, you get to help someone else. It’s a never ending cycle of Love! So, I have been involved with them for a few years now. Then, just recently (last December to be exact) I was introduced to Charity Water. They too deliver 100% of your donation to the field and they too help people around the world but in a different way. They build wells in communities where people, men, women and children are dying due to the lack of clean drinking water in their area. After making a donation to them, in about 21 months you’ll get a full report complete with coordinates to show you exactly where and what your dollars went to fund! How cool are they?

I’ve donated all my family birthday’s to them this year so we can build wells!! I’m also going to be running smaller initiatives throughout the year for donation opportunities!

[wp_ad_camp_4]So, anyway, in the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about how I could tie these amazing charities to what I do on a daily basis and like lightning is struck! Instead of delivering crochet patterns for free, I would partner with you so that 50% of all patterns sold here on Yarn Obsession would go to one of these two charities or any more that I may add. Not only that, I’ve brought the price of all Yarn Obsession patterns down to $2 so that everyone can participate! Now, I could go on and on about what I’m doing but I want to you check out the Yarn Obsession With Heart page so you can also check out my Kiva Team and Charity Water for yourself.

I can’t wait for you to get involved, go the the Yarn Obsession with Heart page and see what the options are. Remember, although many of my initiatives are tied to purchases to make it easier, you are also welcome to just click through and donate directly. The point is, to make a difference. That’s what’s cool! See you there.