Wonder Crochet Blanket CAL

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For the first time in a long time I’m committing myself to crocheting a blanket! It’s a bit daunting, but when Mistie Bush of American Crochet asked if I wanted to design 6 rows for the Wonder Crochet Blanket CAL, I had to say yes.

I’m hoping to gain incentive to create at least one blanket a year starting this year! But, if I’m going to get this done, I’m going to need a lot of moral support from you so I hope you’ll join me on this fun and creative journey!

Now, I’m a bit late getting you the information, but there’s plenty of time to get started, and I promise to do better going forward!

Wonder Crochet Blanket CAL | Yarn Obsession

General Note:

Mistie’s Introduction Post will be updated twice a month (on Thursdays) with the next part of the CAL. Each link will take you to the Contributing Designer’s Post. What I’ll do, to make it easier for you, I will also update this post twice a month (on Thursdays) adding the links as we go. Please make sure to bookmark this post so you can find it easily every few weeks and keep up with the fun! (take a look below for the specific release dates)

Get Ready:

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Here are a few things you can do in the next few days, and as you start your first 6 rows, to get ready! I’m already behind myself, so don’t feel bad if you’re just joining in, you’re probably right where I am! 🙂

  1. Get over to Ravelry and add this CAL to your Queue. You can also join the “Crochet With Us” and “American Crochet” Ravelry Groups
  2. Get your supplies ready (Red Heart Soft yarn & an I9-5.50mm crochet hook)
  3. Share your progress on Instagram using #CWUACWONDERCAL2016
  4. Join the “Crochet With Us” and “American Crochet” groups on Facebook, just in case you need help. Both groups are chock full of helpful caring crocheters willing to help each other.

Dates to Remember:

This list will be updated with direct links every couple of weeks (see above)

Post 1: January 7, 2016 ~ American Crochet
Post 2: January 21, 2016 ~ Oombawka Design
Post 3: February 4, 2016 ~ The Stitchin’ Mommy
Post 4: February 18, 2016 ~ The Underground Crafter
Post 5: March 03, 2016 ~
Post 6: March 17, 2016 ~
Post 7: April 7, 2016 ~
Post 8: April 21, 2016 ~
Post 9: May 5, 2016 ~
Post 10: May 19, 2016 ~
Post 11: June 2, 2016 ~
Post 12: June 16, 2016 ~
Post 13: July 7, 2016 ~
Post 14: July 21, 2016 ~
Post 15: August 4, 2016 ~
Post 16: August 18, 2016 ~
Post 17: September 1, 2016 ~
Post 18: September 15, 2016 ~
Post 19: October 6, 2016 ~
Post 20: October 20, 2016 ~
Post 21: November 3, 2016 ~ Border