Why? Part 2

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Why? Part 2 - Yarn Obsession

Why? Part 2


Last week I started answering some of the “why” questions often heard by crochet artists. If you missed that post, you can read it here CLICK HERE: Why? Part I . This week let’s continue down that path and see if there aren’t a few questions you may have in the back of your mind being answered. Remember these are not just my questions but also questions that other crochet professionals have received and submitted via survey. So as you read, consider that the answers are mostly universal to many textile artists.

Why doesn’t this this pattern come in another language?

As you can well imagine having a pattern written, tested and technically checked can be a costly for an independent artist. To add the expense of translating to every language represented in our audience would mean we would not be able to sustain our business and fold within months of starting. There are professionally published books that are only done in one language because the audience isn’t wide enough to warrant translation. So, if this is your question, consider that translating isn’t nearly as easy a task as many would think it is.

Why don’t you have a video for this pattern?

Some people are very good with video and enjoy making them for every pattern they sell (or at least most). Some people have absolutely no interest in making videos because writing is their ‘superpower’ and not teaching on video. Every pattern cannot have an accompanying video because there just isn’t enough time in the day, week, month or year to create these technically taxing videos for every pattern we sell. Remember when I talked about maximizing our time to ensure we are properly compensated? (if not read Why? Part 1) Creating videos falls into the category of a luxury and not a necessity. We make them either because we’re good at them, or we really have a desire to create video for a particular project. Otherwise, we move on to creating.

Why is the local yarn shop so expensive?

The local yarn shop is not expensive when you consider they carry yarns that are not available anywhere other than independently owned yarn shops. Nothing is more frustrating to me than to hear that people won’t shop at the local yarn shop because they are so expensive and yet fail to realize they are independent business owners who are supporting other independent businesses helping to bring specialty yarns to your neighborhood. When we shop ONLY at WalMart, Michael’s, Joann or Hobby Lobby for our yarns, we are shutting out the best part of the industry because we assume they are trying to “do something” to us or “get over” on us. They are not millionaires (but the owners of the big box stores are). They are passionate artists working HARD to deliver value to you. Consider this, if more people shopped at local yarn stores the price of yarn would have the opportunity to drop because there would be more demand and therefore more production. I have nothing against the big box store yarns, but comparing them to the local yarn shop is like comparing McDonald’s to a locally owned Steak house, there is no comparison.

Through the course of getting questions in the survey and creating these posts, I realize there are so many misunderstandings in the community that create unnecessary tension. So once a month I’m going to create a post called “Answers” where you’ll be able to get the answers to your most pressing questions.

In the form below, send us your most pressing questions and once a month, starting November 2014 I will answer or get another professional to answer some questions in an “Answers by ____” post. Let’s start talking!