Top 10 free crochet pattern submission sites

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Top 10 Free Pattern Submission Websites list on Yarn Obsession

Top 10 Free Crochet Pattern Submission Sites

This post is to introduce you to the top 10 free crochet pattern submission websites. Why do you need that information? Because if you’ve written some patterns and posted them on your blog for free, these sites will likely accept your submission and drive tons of traffic to your website! With tons of traffic comes the possibility of sales of your paid patterns and affiliate dollars. So, let’s not waste any more time.

1) All Free Crochet – This site is the premier site if you want to improve traffic to your free patterns. They have tons of patterns listed and they link back to the source with permission from the pattern holder. They also have a daily newsletter that goes out to their subscribers. If your pattern makes it into the newsletter, watch out!

2) Crochet Pattern Central – Also lists tons of crochet patterns with links back to the source. All the patterns must have photos in order to be considered for Crochet Pattern Central, but that’s an easy requirement, right? Driver of traffic!

3) The Daily Crocheter – Accepts both knitting and crochet patterns. The pattern can only have been shown on the designers website and nowhere else (magazine, ezine, etc.) It’s an easy place to post and drive some traffic.

4) Crochet Talk  – It’s a little different than the others because it’s more of a forum setting. But it never hurts to get extra eyes on your website. Unfortunately I can’t speak from experience, but I’ve seen many a free pattern writer post here.

5) Crochet at Play – This site is growing! I’ve not posted here myself, but it’s on my “to do” list. I learned of it from other pattern writers and it seems to drive traffic as well. It can’t hurt.

6) Crochetville – This site has a fun new look and feel but still the great information it’s always had. There is a free pattern directory that I think many people miss because of the forum setting. However, that may be changing. Many crocheters use Crochetville so it’s a great place to get your patterns seen.

7) CrochetMe – CrochetMe used to be independent but they got purchased by Interweave a few years ago. They have kept the same style and still allow for free pattern submissions. This is a great audience to tap into.

8) The Yarn Box – The Yarn Box is fairly new, but it’s growing quickly and posting a pattern there will drive traffic to your site. The more patterns you post the more active you are the better.

9) The Crochet Spot – The Crochet Spot accepts guest writers and if you’re writing about a pattern they’ll take it! What a great way to submit a pattern with a written tutorial that can drive traffic to your site via your byline! It’s worth a look and may help the budding writer in you too!

10) FaveCrafts – FaveCrafts is also a good place to consider writing and submitting a pattern. All you need to do is contact them and they’ll get back to you. They like photos so make sure you have some when you’re submitting for consideration!

Well, there you go! 10 sites where you can submit your free patterns and watch as your traffic grows.

Do you know of a place that isn’t on the list, please share it in the comments section, we’d love to know about it!