Stop selling your crochet

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Stop selling your crochet


I’m going to tell you some hard truths in this post. Some you may agree with and others you may buck against, but they are all given to you in the spirit of helping you develop your best business. Please, for the sake of your business, stop selling your crochet and start engaging with your followers. One of the biggest questions I get asked whenever the topic of social media and promotion comes up is ‘how do I get my followers to buy?’. Let me ask you a question, when you’re interacting with a social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) are you looking to be sold or are you looking to connect with the “human” behind the brand? We (and I include myself too) are all so anxious to sell that we forget the landscape has changed. People have more choices and they don’t have to jump in cold anymore. They can take their time and analyze their choices. Give them a reason to consider you before jumping in to sell!

Let me tell you what seems to have worked for me. I connect with people behind brands and start conversations. I get to know them and when a need arises for their product or service, they are the ones I think about. I don’t go to any social media sites looking to be “sold” anything. What about you? Do you fast-forward through commercials on your DVR? Me too! The only exception is when I see an offer that compels me because I’ve had some history with the brand. Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s not easy to be patient and wait to develop a relationship before you start selling. I’m just telling you what works best. Yes, I know you want to sell, that’s the whole point of your business, but I also know if you’re considering your audience and their needs, you’ll slow the “selling” and up the “connecting”.

What you can do

Now, having said that, I’m not going to leave you with the downer and not give you some hope. Of course you can sell your crochet to your audience but let’s try doing it in a way that doesn’t make them feel as if that’s all you want from them. Here are a few quick tips you can implement right away to help you interact, engage and sell to your audience. They’re meant to get you to ‘partner’ with your audience and get them invested in your brand so they’re happier to purchase when you present an offer:

  1. Only give a direct sales “Call To Action” 10-20% of the time on your social media channels. When you have a promotion going you can increase that slightly to about 20-30% but no more
  2. Ask your audience for their opinion on the next thing you’re hoping to release
  3. Give your audience ‘insider’ information on your products making them feel like the V.I.P.’s they are
  4. Offer exclusive discounts via a contest, because they’re part of your following etc. there are all types of reasons you can offer a way to give your audience more
  5. Talk to your audience, it goes a long way to allowing them to see you as a person who’s working hard to deliver for them when you simply become a person and not just your business

Tweet this: Give people a reason to like you before jumping in to sell.

When those you serve begin to see you as someone genuinely interested in serving them, you’ll find more opportunity to share and engage as well as give and sell. Be patient with yourself and do what you need to build your business. But build it in a way you can be proud. Your followers will love you for so much more than what you sell them.

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