Stand Out From The Crowd, Sell More Crochet

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Okay, now that we know each other a little so I’m going to be direct.

It’s tempting to follow the crowd. You keep quiet and do what the majority are doing. I went to high school, I know (I actually liked high school, it was a small school and we were family, but I digress).

I often hear the complaint “I can’t seem to sell more crochet” or “I can’t stand out from the crowd” or “How do I get people to buy?” or “Why can’t I sell more, quickly?” the answer is YOU.

Stand Out From The Crowd, Sell More Crochet | Yarn Obsession

The Challenge

I’m going to be very plain. As a Libra I’m usually quite diplomatic, however, I’ve found that the message sometimes gets lost with diplomacy. So, I’m going to speak plainly, but I want you to know, it’s all in love. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

Stop busying yourself with making what everyone else is making and selling on the same platform! Stop trying to outdo the other person on the lowest price! Of course you can’t stand out from the crowd and sell more crochet when you’re all dressed alike. Show your colors!

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How or why would anyone interested in a “popular” item come to you before going to any of the 20 other people creating the same thing? Being part of the crowd may seem “cool” but it doesn’t allow room for standing out. It’s like singing in a choir instead of doing a solo.

Why not be extra selective of what you make, who you target and where you sell so you “stand out” as someone different?

The Solution

The answer to “how do I sell more crochet?” and all the questions above is the same, you need to find your own voice. You’re following the crowd and what the crowd does or makes. That won’t help you sell or sell more because what you’re making has too many options.

True story. I’ve done the same thing. I received hundreds of emails a week from very talented coaches and “gurus” giving me advice on how to run my business better. The messages were mixed at best:

Have good balance


Sleep is for wimps

Send 20 emails a week

The list went on and on. . .

I took the advice and one week I’d decide “sleep is for wimps”! I found out quickly that it’s also for tired mommies. Then I’d hustle (sleep included) and find I had more pots burning than my hands could handle. I’d burn out and wonder why my business was still stagnant.

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Finally,  I did a bold thing. I turned off the noise.

I unsubscribed to all but two or three lists and decided to stop looking beyond myself for answers. That meant I stopped looking at the “competition” (you really are your best competition) and started deciding what was best for me.

The Result

You know what happened? Quiet.

I’d love to say business took off and things turned around in a month, but that would be misleading. What did happen is balance. I began to enjoy what I was doing more. Realizing that the people following, buying or learning from me were the right people made me giddy.

I found my voice.

That’s my advice to you, find your voice.

If what’s “popular” is what you sincerely want to make, make it better than everyone else! But if, like me, you’re being pulled from one thing to another and it isn’t for you, it’s time to turn off the noise. Start doing what you like to do, for the people you like to work with and create a unique place for yourself.

It’s what I tell those who take my Target Audience course. It’s what I’m telling you now.

What you want, feel and love matters. Use the things that fuel your passions and offer them to those whom you choose. Trust yourself, trust me, it’ll be the best thing you ever do for your prosperity, passion and profit.

It won’t be overnight. It’ll be frustrating, challenging and totally worth it.

Here’s to finding, trusting and using YOUR voice.

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