One simple trick to create professional crochet pieces

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I used to get so frustrated! I’d follow a crochet pattern and create this beautiful piece, then when it was time for the edging the instructions would read “crochet evenly along the edge”! UGH

What does that mean and how does that work? You’ve told me how many stitches go along the rows and the piece is gorgeous, but now you just say “crochet evenly along the edge?”

I’d get so mad at the crochet pattern designer, until I became one and understood that explaining would be near impossible. “Crochet evenly along the edge” was the best explanation.

Professional Crochet Pieces | Yarn Obsession


So, I started trying different things and finally found a way to crochet evenly without getting a wonky edge!

“Crochet evenly along the edge” is about to get easier.

Professional Looking Crochet Pieces

[wp_ad_camp_5]The reason some crochet pieces don’t sell is because they look “crafty” and unprofessional. Even though we love handmade, we don’t want pieces that look crafty. We want professional looking pieces.

What makes a piece look professional? Beautiful finishing! And finishing includes a beautiful edge.

So, here’s my secret for beautiful edges. . . follow the pattern that’s already there.

The edge goes along the outside part of your piece. Even though that part doesn’t seem to have a pattern, it does. When you follow that pattern you’ll get a nicer finished look.

One Simple Trick for Professional Pieces | Yarn ObsessionIf your pieces look professional you’ll get new customers and keep current customers coming back.

Think about it, when you’re shopping, if you’re looking for something well made, you’re probably expecting to invest a bit in the quality. It’s even more important when you’re shopping for something handmade.

You want to know that the maker took their time to create a truly durable and unique piece.

When you pay less, you’re not expecting much. If you want to build a good business, great quality all around means being able to ask for a higher price and having more repeat customers.


My video on “How to Crochet an Even Crochet Edging” will explain exactly what I do to get an even edge.

Once I began using this simple formula my pieces started to look so much better.

The other side effect is feeling more confident about your pieces, because you’ll see how much better they look.

Let’s just jump in and get your pieces looking more professional than ever!

It’s your turn to share!

What are some ways you’ve uncovered that help to create a more professional look in your crochet?

Do you sell your crochet? Have you been able to increase your prices with your skills?

Share in the comments what you’ve learned about having more professional looking pieces.