Selling Crochet to Unconventional Niche Markets – Part 3

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For the past two weeks we’ve talked about some fun unconventional niche markets for your talents. We’ve also talked about how they’d benefit your business because of less competition when it comes to niche marketing.

I have two more options for you to explore before we talk about how to approach niche markets next week. But before we get to that, I want to say one more time, please consider choosing a niche market when deciding to sell your pieces. So many of us aren’t using our full potential because we think there’s only one market. I hope these past few weeks have helped you think outside the box to come up with your own ideas for niche markets. There are so many possibilities.

Here are the last two unconventional markets I have for you.

Selling Crochet to Unconventional Niche Markets - Part 3 | Yarn Obsession

Schools (Colleges, Universities, High Schools, etc.)

Remember when you went to school how important it was to wear the school colors? Well that hasn’t changed! My nephew and niece left for college and even before they went to school they were excited about sporting their school colors. What’s important is looking cool doing it! If you create school spirit items that are fun, unique and cool, you should most definitely look into getting your items into school stores, events and fundraisers.

When you’re in college there isn’t a budget. You have to grab your books so you usually grab a few t-shirts, scarves, hats etc. at the same time. It all goes on your bill anyway. Right?

Marketing directly to school campus stores can be a great way to boost your business and have a focused profitable selling business. Find out who the buyer is for the school and show them what you offer. You never know when the local community may all be dressed in your spirit pieces!

Oh, one more thing, don’t just look at colleges. My son’s elementary school just voted on a mascot and began selling “spirit” clothing so elementary, middle & high schools are also prime for your talents.

Doll Collectors

I watched an episode of hoarders a few months ago and what this lady was hoarding were dolls. She couldn’t bear to part with her dolls and she bought all sorts of things for them. I’m sure she isn’t the only one. It may be time for you to consider doll collectors. I don’t just mean Barbie dolls, but all types of dolls. Action figures, American Girl, Barbie, Baby this or that, they are all someone’s favorite thing and dressing those dolls will bring home the bacon.

Just like the other areas, you’ll need to do your research and find out when they have conventions, where they buy etc. But if what you want to do is sell clothing, accessories etc. specifically for dolls, there is a huge niche market waiting for you. Don’t think about parents buying dolls clothing for their kids (although that’s good too) but think of adults buying clothing for their collectable dolls. They are working, passionate about their hobby and willing to pay for great stuff!

I hope this series has opened your mind to possibilities. There are many under-served niche markets when it comes to creativity that whatever you can think of can work. Just think of what you love, or your friends love or you’ve seen advertised that you would love to crochet. Pets, babies, home décor, toys, novelty, sensual or other, there is no limit to what you can create and how focused you can be on a specific niche market to sell more. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Next week I’ll give you some ideas related to approaching your favorite unconventional niche market and some of the preparation you’ll need to do before moving forward. Being well prepared is key to being heard and landing the account.

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