Selling Crochet Series – Part 3 – Who are you?

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The other day I got a random call on my cellphone for my husband. When I informed them that they’d called my phone and not my husbands, the lady asked what’s his number.

My first question was “who are you?” I wasn’t about to give my husband’s cell number to some random stranger, calling from a company I didn’t recognize. I imagine that’s how customers feel about me and you when we ask them to buy from us randomly.

So. . . Who are you? It’s a question we answer without taking much time to think about what we’re really saying.

When you decided to sell crochet did you take a long hard look at what and why you were selling?

Did you dig deep into yourself before deciding to put a price on your work? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

As a matter of fact when I ask most people this question they look at me like . . . huh?

The thing is, before you can build a successful business you have to examine yourself closely.

In the last 6 months my business has taken a turn because I’ve realized that I didn’t take enough time to figure out who I was as it relates to my business. So I sat down and took a long look at what I was doing and why. The answers were surprising and freeing.

It’s not just about what you make, it’s about the “identity” you bring to the marketplace.

Selling Crochet Series - Part 3 - Who are you? | Yarn ObsessionYou need to know how you’re going to become a “Brand” that people recognize, relate to and do business with. That’s what you, as a solopreneur, need to do. Get to know yourself and your business well enough to project something that resonates with the audience you’ve chosen for your business.

There’s more to developing your brand than you may think. Yes, you will need a logo, website, business cards and maybe some postcards, but before putting anything there, you’ll need to feel comfortable with you and what you’re bringing to market.

Turn the tables, start looking at your company from the customer’s perspective, are you telling the right story?

That’s why I ask ‘who are you?’  If you were coming to your business why would you buy from yourself?

Answering that question will bring more fun and discovery to your business because in the end you’ll know exactly what you want to say, how you want to say it and who you want to say it to.

The best part is you’ll know your customer is feeling what you want them to feel toward you and that’ll give you the courage to move forward and offer your pieces with confidence.

So the question again is, who are you? How do you want your customer to see you? Use that as a place to begin creating a brand you can be proud of.


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