Selling Crochet Series – Part 2 – Who are you talking to?

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You know the feeling of going to a foreign country where no one speaks your language? It’s frustrating because you’re not feeling understood or validated.

That’s what happens when you talk to people who are  not your target audience. You’re talking, but no one is responding, caring or understanding.

One of the first questions I ask someone who says to me ‘no one is buying my pieces’ is “who’s your audience?” I usually get the same confused reaction, followed by “I don’t know” or “everyone can use what I sell.”

They are in a foreign country talking to people in a foreign language.

selling crochet starts with research. I know we decided that research wasn’t as fun as crocheting and just jumping in, but there are steps necessary to take to sell successfully. To avoid frustration and to let ourselves think bigger we need to be ready.

I don’t mean we need to know everything up front, that can become an excuse to never get started, what I do mean is we need to ask necessary questions, find the answers, and move forward in confidence. Then as we move forward we keep researching and running tests to see if we need to stay steady or change course.

Selling Crochet Series - Part 2 - Who are you talking to | Yarn ObsessionKnowing who you want to reach and sell to, or knowing who’s most likely to buy what you’re offering is so important for your crochet business.

Think about it, how long do you listen to something that’s being said if it’s not talking to anything  you want, need or understand at the time?

Action Step

Think about who your audience is. Who will benefit most from what you have to offer? You can decide up front or you can survey your current customers and decide from their feedback. Whatever you do, make sure you have information about your audience before continuing on your path.

Selling crochet is a fun adventure, but if you’re marketing to the wrong audience you’ll be like that tourist speaking a foreign language in a foreign land. You’ll end up thinking there’s something wrong with what you’re offering. The truth is, until you start talking directly to your audience’s needs, they won’t buy. That can be discouraging. Don’t be discouraged, be informed and laser sharp with your marketing. You’ll do a lot better faster and feel more confident as each day goes by.

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