Selling Crochet Series – Part 1 – Action Plan

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I’m always humbled and excited when someone says to me “because of you, I have the courage to start selling my crochet.”

To know that my efforts are making a difference in their lives really feels great! I get excited and start asking them questions and realize, whoa, not so fast! The excitement of learning to crochet, plus the realization that others are willing to buy the items you make is amazing.

But, not selling as much as expected, or not making enough money to cover costs can bring with it crushing disappointment.

I’m all for selling crochet and doing it well. Everyone should have at least one piece of crochet and there should be fabulous crochet available for those who know it’s value. However, starting with a plan is a much better way to start, than just jumping in.

Start Your Plan

Planning to sell can be just as fun as crocheting . . . ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but my point is, there can be excitement in the process of building and seeing a dream take shape.

The internet has opened up so many avenues to sell items easily but there are still basic ideas that guide the way to selling successfully that need to be considered.

What I’d like to see you avoid is getting a few weeks or months down the road and realizing there isn’t enough yarn or profit to make the next project. Yikes!

Preparing to sell crochet can be a fun adventure with reward and profit as the goals. Whatever you want to get out of your sales should be considered and expected. There’s no reason your crochet business can’t be an exciting journey beginning with your ultimate goals in mind.

Over the next few months let’s journey through the steps to selling crochet for profit. Let’s explore areas like “who we want to sell to” “what we want to sell” and “how much we want to make.” Areas where most people fall short.

Let’s decide to create a plan of action so we can shine in those areas and beyond. Let’s sell our crochet for profit and enjoy every minute of it!

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