Rebeckah’s Treasures a Yarn Obsession Crochet Business Interview

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Rebeckah of Rebeckah's Treasures Crochet business interview on Yarn Obsession

Rebeckah’s Treasures a Yarn Obsession Crochet Business Interview

I’m so excited to introduce you to Rebeckah or Rebeckah’s Treasures! She’s one of the sweetest people and her talent is so cool. Rebeckah is using her crochet talent to create clothing for barbie dolls and they are just so cute! I have to imagine that anyone who collects dolls and crochets doll clothing would be more than excited to meet Rebeckah! I’m not going to spend any more time telling you about her, I’ll let Rebeckah do the talking!

Oh, one more thing, Rebeckah is one of our lovely sponsors so be sure to visit her online via her ad in the sidebar! 😉

Meet Rebeckah of Rebeckah’s Treasures

Rebeckah, What does crochet mean to you?

To me, crochet means beauty and passion. It means discovering new possibilities and finding the joy in that. With crochet, I really get to be me and learn more about myself. Crochet is my happy place.

What is one thing on your bucket list you must do?

One thing that I must do one of these days is explore and see the world. I just think it would be so nice to see new things, and meet interesting people. Also, different cultures and customs really fascinate me, and I would be so happy to immersing myself in them. Oh and another thing I think would be so cool to do (not sure if I will ever do it) would be to take part in a musical or an opera. I just love the costumes and singing, so I think it would be a blast!


If you could give your 16 year old self some advice today, what would that be?

To my 16 year old self, I would say ‘live in the present, have some fun, and enjoy being young’. My 16 year old self was so focused on planning an unrealistic future and playing “mom” that she didn’t take very much time for herself to have fun. Being 16 wasn’t very long ago, so this is something I still struggle with doing, but I am getting there.

How has having a crochet business been beneficial to you?

I don’t get out very often. So, having a crochet business has really helped me to connect with people and make friends. It has also helped me explore my creativity as it is always challenging me to try new things.

Who is your favorite person in the whole world? (can be more than one 😉

I hadn’t really thought much about this before, but if I had to pick my favourite people, it would be my hubby, parents, siblings, and bestefar (grandpa). My hubby because he is my rock and has helped to pull me out of the shell I was hiding in. My momma because she has been my teacher and my biggest fan. My pappa because he is someone I can really trust and rely on. My 7 siblings because each one is so unique and brings so much joy to my life. And lastly, my bestefar because he is so vibrantly full of life and has the most beautiful twinkle in his eyes.

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