Silicone Round Ice Bucket, (2 in 1) Ice Cube Maker Portable,For Frozen Whiskey, Cocktail, Beverages


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Silicone Round Ice Bucket, (2 in 1) Ice Cube Maker Portable,For Frozen Whiskey, Cocktail, Beverages


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  • Product Description:

  • High quality materials】our large organ silicon 2 in 1 ice bucket and ice making mould are made of high quality food grade silicone, TRP and PP, which can be used directly to eat frozen ice.
  • Multiple use】it is suitable for all kinds of parties, such as dinner and birthday parties, picnics and so on!Provides longer cooling time for bottled beverages such as bacardi,vodka,champagne,whiskey,cocktails,wine and cola.
  • Portable】the space-saving size is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.You can go on a camping trip or have a picnic and enjoy a cold drink.It can add a lot of fun to your camp trip or outing.
  • Unique two-compartment design】 an outer compartment for frozen ice, while an inner compartment for storage ice, with a high-capacity of 120 ice cubes, is large enough to share with family and friends.If you encounter any problems in using the product, please feel free to contact us and we will solve them for you within 24 hours.
  • Usage】First,fill the inner bucket and press the inner bucket hard.The inner bucket edge is based on lower than the outer bucket edge.Second,add water along the edge,close the lid when the water is filled.Third,put the ice bucket horizontally in the refrigerator,freeze for more than 4 hours,then take out.
  • Note: please be sure to press hard to avoid the bottom of the bucket frozen, the inner bucket floating and you can refer to our video tutorial too.
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    silicone Ice Mold silicone ice bucket

    • Product Name: Silicone Ice Bucket Product
    • Size: 5.07*5.5in
    • Material: ABS+PP
    • Product Weight: ≈300g
    • Product Color: Blue
    • Product Use: Fast Frozen Drink/Water, etc.
    How to use it?


    • Before use, it should be washed with water and then placed in hot water for disinfection.
    silicone Ice Mold silicone ice bucket


    • Add pure water in the ice tray, then put it in the refrigerator. After 4 hours, the ice cubes are formed.
    silicone Ice Mold silicone ice bucket


    • Take out the inner tank and squeeze the outer tub to get ice.
    silicone Ice Mold silicone ice bucket



    • Store the prepared ice cubes in the inner tank and take them out directly.
    • After use, it should be cleaned and stored in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight.
    silicone Ice Mold silicone ice bucket

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