Polarized Discoloration Sunglasses


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Polarized Discoloration Sunglasses


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Get Better Clarity And No More Glares

Our lifetime exposure to sunlight and UV radiation has been associated with cataracts later in life, thus it’s a good idea to consider photochromic sunglasses for children and adults.
Our p
hotochromic sunglasses with polarized lenses can reduce eye strain and get clear vision by continuously adapting to changing light conditions.

What’s more, these glasses protect the eyes by stopping the dazzling effects of sunlight while we are driving, fishing, biking or doing other outdoor activities.

Besides protecting eyes from glare outdoors, photochromic lenses offer an additional important benefit — they help protect eyes from harmful blue light. Meanwhile, it protect the human eye 100% from harmful effects of the sun rays like UVA/UVB rays.

Key Benefits:

  • Photochromic Design : Works effectively as adapt to changing light conditions,enhance contrast, and improve visual performance and provide extra comfort in bright sunlight
  • Polarized Lens : Eliminate reflected light and scattered light, which means driving glasses that add color contrast without distorting natural colors
  • UV400 Protection : The sunglasses block all three ranges of ultraviolet radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC and protect the human eye 100% from harmful effects of the sun rays. 
  • Work Well No Matter Day Or Night : During the daytime, it can effectively filter strong sunlight, enhance the visual sharpness, reduce eyes fatigue, and keep the eyes always in the most comfortable state of outdoor activities. When driving at night or into a dark environment, the lenses are light colored transparent to enhancing the visibility while effectively reducing the glare.  


Reduce irritating reflections and glare caused by light reflected from surfaces such as water, road, sand or snow. 

️ UV 400 protection – absorb 100% of UV light and eliminate 99% glare light.

Reduce high-intansity glare from oncoming car and street light, soften harsh light.

️ HD Vison Polorized Lens, make the vision clearer

Reduces strong sun damage to the retina

Reduce wind and sand damage to eyes

️ Adjustable temple, nose pad and flexible arm brings a better and comfortable wearing

Details Display:


  • Frame Color: Black
  • Lens Color: Grey photochromic lens
  • Material: Metal

Package included:

1 X Polarized Discoloration Sunglasses