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This product can replace or complement a speed square, sliding bevel, level, digital level, combination square, builders protractor, Stanley quick square, 2 combination set tools, and often a builder square.

combines the functionality of a combination square, bevel, protractor, digital level, and speed square, plus many very useful exclusive features into one compact easy to use the tool. 

Mark accurate plumb cuts, birdsmouth depth marks, and seat cuts, without adjusting the tool or changing the tool’s configuration.

Hip and Valley rafter cuts made fast by just flipping the tool over and using the reverse side scales.

Mark angled checkouts in any configuration without adjustment to the tool.

 Machined from solid aluminum with an anodized protective finish, laser etched artwork, engraved angle scales for high accuracy and high-quality stainless steel and brass hardware.

Degree Scale
Rise & Run Scale
Hip-Valley scales for each of the front scales on the tools’ reverse side 
350mm Metric blade
CNC Machined from solid Aluminium 
Protective Anodized finish