Fly Trap Device 10PCs


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Fly Trap Device 10PCs


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Product features:

Fly Trap Device is hygienic and non-toxic, easy to use, strong in adhesion and fast in attracting flies. It is a new product to kill flies in modern times.

    The method of use:

    • Open the pad of this product, then slowly pull the fly-fly glue and fix it in multiple places of flies. After being covered with flies, burn it.
    • Placed in the light at night to stick mosquitoes.
    • The uses of the office, you can arrange to open the fly-fly glue after work, the same as effective at night!
    • If there is less sticking to the flies, you can sprinkle some sugar on the glue to increase the attraction!


    • Specifications: Paper size: 18*12.5cm.
    • Open approximately: 18*25cm.

    Package Include:

    • 10 x Fly Trap Device.


        • Keep the adhesive tape clean, if the glue surface is stuck with sand or water droplets, it will affect the use effect.
        • When cleaning the hands or clothing, it can be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene.