Pricing Crochet Fairly for Maximum Profit

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Pricing Crochet Fairly for Maximum Profit

“Superb. Sedruola’s “Pricing Crochet Fairly for Maximum Profit” is just what the crochet community needs. Finally, a no-nonsense, straight forward way to getting paid exactly what you’re worth. Remember, for you, “An artisan, NOT a hobbyist, you’re using your crochet skills to support your family.” This guide will help you price with confidence and make a profit.” ~ Sara Duggan, Crochet Business Blog

What if every time you asked the question “how much should I charge?” you were able to get a quick response simply by looking in your trusty crochet pricing guide?

Dear fellow crocheter,

When you decided to turn your hobby into a business what was the first question that came to mind? “How much should I charge?” So you visited other crochet shops and compared what they had to what you would offer and decided on a price. However, you didn’t anticipate that there would be so many other pricing scenarios that would come your way.

Every time a new opportunity showed itself whether is was a shop asking for a wholesale price or a friend asking you to make a particular item you went back to the drawing board. I’d venture to say that what you found at that drawing board didn’t sit well. I would even say you were sorry you had to look at the numbers.

Now, what if you could give a customer a quote on the spot for a custom made item because you already knew how to calculate it? What if the next time a friend asked you to make them something you felt completely comfortable and confident in quoting them a price?


“Pricing Crochet Fairly for Maximum Profit”
by Sedruola Maruska


If you’ve struggled with pricing your crochet pieces it’s because you haven’t developed a foundation for your pricing. It’s not that you don’t know what you’re doing it’s just that the information has been coming to you backwards. Once you switch the order of how you get to your price you’ll realize it wasn’t you, it was the information you were getting.

The goal with pricing is to get your audience to purchase because they believe your price is fair and your item is valuable.The only way you’ll ever be able to do that is if you know who your audience is and what they’ll be willing to pay for your items or expertise. Therefore, you need to appeal to your audience and be clear about your value so they’ll feel confident buying from you.


Therefore you need to price your pieces and/or your skills based on their value and what your market will bear.


In this book are the formulas that will help put you on a solid path to pricing yourself properly.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to determine who your audience is
  • How to calculate a wholesale price that provides you with a profit
  • How to calculate a “Suggested Retail Price” that will entice a buyer to purchase your items
  • How to calculate a price for family and friends
  • Why you should never go below your wholesale price
  • The only instance I will ever suggest you go below a wholesale price you’ve calculated
  • The various ways you can monetize your crochet skills

This book has a mission and a purpose.

It will help crochet businesspeople get on the right track when it comes to pricing their art and their skill. When more people are pricing their crochet in a way that works for their audience and for their businesses, then the crochet market will begin to see a shift. It is my mission to help bring that change along one crocheter at a time. Refer your crafty friends, or better yet, purchase a copy for them!


Are you ready to price your crochet fairly so the market wins and your business prospers?


Use this book as a guide to help you determine your best strategy when bringing yourself to the marketplace. Make sure you deliver a fair price to your audience whether you’re selling booties or contracting to speak at a conference. You cannot go wrong when you do it in the spirit of knowing you’ve done it fairly for your audience and for your business.


Pricing Crochet Fairly for Maximum Profit

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