Natalie Beginner Crochet Scarf Pattern

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Natalie is a beginner crochet scarf pattern made with Red Heart Unforgettable yarn. When I first saw Red Heart Unforgettable yarn I fell in love! The color options were so mesmerizing and the feel of it was like silk. One touch and I knew this yarn couldn’t be handled roughly, it needed gentle care.

Natalie grew from that idea. This beginner crochet scarf pattern is simple because the simpler the pattern for this yarn, the better.

I hope you enjoy meeting, making, sharing or wearing Natalie.

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Natalie Beginner Crochet Pattern | Yarn Obsession

The Story

Natalie pulled the package from the mail slot at the bottom of her three-story walk-up. She liked getting birthday gifts. She liked parties, she liked dressing up – she liked being the center of attention. She thought the world would be a perfect place if everyone could just be the center of attention.

She wrapped her wide, soft scarf around her as she ventured out into the West Village, immediately immersed in the frenzy of the city. Cab drivers veered by, trying to catch the next light. Tenured NYU professors and star struck students popped in and out of cafes. A brisk wind hit her and she tightened the scarf a bit, remembering that not everything in New York was as lovely as she imagined.

It would be five hours before her “surprise,” as promised by Daniel, her husband of three years. There was still enough fire in their relationship for an exciting evening, and her instructions had been specific: leave the apartment by two o’clock, don’t return until seven. Lucky for her she had errands to run, and a new romance novel to dig her teeth into.

She glanced down at the package and saw that it was from upstate. Penelopeshe never forgets. She fought the urge to tear the small box open right there on McDougal Street and, instead, made out for her first stop: a cozy coffee shop with wide, deep armchairs you could sink into, a nice gas fireplace with an adjustable lever (and she even knew where it was located).

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She slowed down as she passed her favorite jewelry store, imagining what Daniel may have picked out for her. Or maybe the surprise wasn’t anything material. Maybe there would be a trip to Bermuda in her near future. Or Cancun. Or Paris. She felt a surge move from her loins up to her chest. Better not get your hopes up, she thought.

The book turned out to be a little less arousing than she had hoped, but her favorite mocha drink was on the house (with “Happy Birthday” stenciled onto the surface with frothy milk) and the fire was extra toasty. After that, she made two other stops, all within walking distance, before glancing at her watch: 6:34 pm. The devilish side of her thought of heading back that instant and catching Daniel preparing, but her patient, law-abiding side decided to sit in Washington Square Park for another twenty minutes and people watch.

When she finally arrived home, the entire place was lit with candles, and a sultry voice called to her from the bedroom. She removed her scarf, her jacket, her boots, and made her way back. It was there found that sometimes the best birthday gifts were the simplest.

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  • 25 mm Crochet Hook (G)
  • 3 Balls Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle

Pattern Level


Pattern Stitches


  • Natalie can be adjusted to any size as needed by adding or removing rows or starting stitches to adjust width.
  • Red Heart Unforgettable is a very sensitive yarn so the less manipulation the better


Ch 52

Row 1: dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in ea st across, turn (50)

Row 2: ch 2, dc in ea st across, turn

Rep row 2 until piece measures 55 inches long


At the end of the last row, ch 1, turn, sc evenly around piece putting 3 sc in each corner, ending with sl st in beginning sc. Ch 2, DO NOT TURN, hdc in each st evenly around with 3 hdc in each corner stitch, ending w/ sl st in 1st hdc, leave 12” tail, BIND OFF.


Cut 100 24” strips and loop through the 50 sts on both ends of the piece, block & wear