Meet Sedruola Maruska

Hey there! I’m Sedruola Maruska but please call me Sedie (Say-dee).

I’m so glad you’re here! Yarn Obsession is here to help you build a profitable handcrafting company that will change your life and the yarn industry forever! Keep reading…

Who Can I Help

If you want to play with yarn for a living and you’re ready to take action to make it happen, then I can help you.

If you’re a working mom who wants to stay home with her babies, then I can help you.

If you’re a working mom who wants to make some extra cash to take that much-needed vacation, then I can help you.

I can help you if playing with yarn consumes you but you’re unsure of yourself. I help tired, overwhelmed yet motivated women learn to manage time, maintain balance and build prosperous, fun & fulfilling handmade businesses.

What I Talk About

Some topics I write about are:

I publish a new blog post each week (mostly). The best way to keep up is to sign up for my e-mail list. Don’t worry, I hate spam and frequent emails so I promise not to inflict that horror on you. . . I’ll send a weekly email so you can catch up and enjoy some fun discounts or freebies. . . Once in awhile I’ll send special offers that ONLY go to my list. . . but just like the lottery, you have to be in it to win!

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Why do I blog? Because…

I want to inspire you to kick ass! Women are doing great things, but until women in every industry feels completely empowered to do what’s right for herself, her family and her community, there’s always room for inspiration.

I want to make a difference! We women have the power to create change especially in industries we dominate. The yarn industry is dominated by women so we need to create equality around the world. Helping women around the world can happen at the grass roots level . . . that’s us!

I want to share what I’ve learned! It took me years to figure things out with trial & error. This blog is my megaphone and my message is sharing what I’ve learned makes us stronger together. When we find the strength to build ourselves, our families and our communities, we’ll find the strength, together, to build our businesses and the yarn industry.

About Me

In 2001 I taught myself to crochet after meeting my boyfriend’s grandmother. He became my husband and crochet became a HUGE part of my life, how’s that for serendipity?!

In 2006 we were expecting our first child and we were excited! But, I was also sad because I wanted to stay home with my baby but didn’t know how that could happen. At 23 weeks pre-term labor kicked in so my doctor put me on bed-rest. Being on bed-rest gave me the chance to research ways I could use crochet to stay home with my son. That’s when I found a small website called Etsy and opened shop. That was going to be my way to stay home. Unfortunately, pregnancy affects everyone differently, for me it was a complete lack of focus. I finished one project during the 4 months I was on bed-rest. But discovering Etsy was a breakthrough.

In January of 2011 after a few years of working on and off and having another baby I decided to send a pattern to a magazine. In March of 2011, about a week before I had my baby girl, the magazine called, they wanted my pattern! That’s when I knew yarn was definitely on my path to stay.

In August of 2011 I began making crochet tutorial videos for basic stitches. The feedback on my videos was positive and helped push me forward. In 2012 I decided to focus on yarn so I could quit my job, but before I could quick I got laid off! Once that happened I made two decisions: 1) I would build my business and help others too; 2) I would never take another full-time job.

Today Yarn Obsession doesn’t sell completed items. I still design crochet patterns, but my focus is helping women build businesses, build a belief in themselves and in their amazing talents.

I want to shift negative comments like ‘no one wants to pay what it’s worth’ or ‘there’s no way to make a business out of handmade pieces’ into positive comments like “I’m so thankful for the successful business I’ve been able to build.” I’m here now because I didn’t give up on building my own business and being home with my babies! That’s what I want to give you.

I love wine, entertaining friends and family, reading, dancing and of course yarn! I’ve been married to the love of my life since 2003, and we spawned a baby boy in 2006 and a baby girl in 2011. I’m living my dream, let me help you reach yours!

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22 thoughts on “Meet Sedruola Maruska

  1. Hello Abigail, Yes, it is possible to make money with crochet. However, you have to decide for yourself what works best for you. Whether you make items on demand or hold stock is a personal preference depending on space, time etc. I have a course on “How to Sell Crochet for Profit” that goes through the steps of what you need to do to start & have a successful business. Here’s the link

  2. Hello Sedie!
    Thank you for sharing how you got into crochet.
    I was wondering if it really is possible to make money of crochet, would you have to make items to be sold or make upon request, customly

    Kind regards

  3. Sedie:

    Do you have a tutorial on doing your single crochet chevron from corner to corner?

  4. Sedie, you are an absolute gift, an angel. The universe guided me straight to your website at the exact right time, as I am 30 weeks pregnant and looking further into starting my own crochet business/making clothing for my baby girl. I absolutely fell in love with your energy and your intent behind wanting to help guide women on this path of self discovery. I am so grateful for you and ALL that you do to help provide motivation and inspiration to women like yourself. Much love to you, you are truly a QUEEN!

    Also, I would love to receive the free ebook as well as subscribe to your mailing list, but there have been some complications regarding the password. I’d love to be apart of it! Thank you so much!

  5. I think you can try to do that, but because the stitch stands taller, there may be a different way to line things up. I have a chevron with the double crochet on my YouTube channel that may work for your needs. Just go to and search for “chevron” a couple of videos should come up. 🙂

  6. Essie I want to make a blanket using your single crochet chevron stitch. Instead of using the single crochet stitch can I use half double crochet using the same pattern?

    Thank you

  7. Thank you so much Jorji! People like you and comments like these are the reason it’s easy to continue to do what I do. You are so special to me, I am VERY thankful to have you here!

  8. I came across your Facebook about 2 years ago? Any who, you’re such a positive, loving person. I’ve been crocheting for 27 years, I also taught myself when I was pregnant with my son. I design and sell my crochet and patterns. I always make sure I visit you’re Facebook at least once a day. I love how you’re always true to you and your feelings and how accepting you are that we are all different and have different views from time to time. I love how you focus on uplifting other woman. Keep up the great work.

  9. I have only been crocheting for about a year but have decided that I want to start making thing to sell. I have mainly been making for family and friends and now feel I am at a stage where I have the confidence to sell my items to the wider audience. After viewing your video on how to price my items, which has given me more of an idea on what to do I am looking forward to selling for a profit. ? Thank you for the advise.

  10. Unfortunately I don’t have or know of any other video. I plan to do a demo of my fix video soon. Stay tuned!

  11. I’m making an aphgan and once I realized that I messed up on the rows a bit it was too late to rip out. Is there a tutorial on how to fix it?
    I’ve watched your video and don’t quite understand.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  12. Hello Dawn, that is one of my projects I have on the list to create a tutorial for. I haven’t had the opportunity yet. Stay tuned, there will be some new stuff in the fall! 🙂

  13. I will send you both Jaquenta! Sorry for the issue. I will look into it. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know.

  14. Hi Sedruola, I received the email to access my webinar and book but everytime I enter the password nothing happens. What do I do?

  15. Thank you for your step by step instrutions on making fingerless gloves.

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