Making a Difference

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Crochet and Giving Go Together

That’s why I’ve looped it into my business


For each crochet pattern I write and sell for profit, 50% goes to one of my favorite non-profit initiatives to help women entrepreneurs around the world.


For each training product I sell for profit 5% goes to a non-profit that benefits children’s education where it’s needed most.


For every dollar I make in profits from an affiliate program I support, 5% goes to a non-profit working to bring water and food to someone around the world.


When you invest in my training, purchase a product or visit a website sponsor, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re doing your part and making a difference to help someone around the world live and build their dream.


Charities I LOVE and Support


Kiva donation initiative on Yarn ObsessionWhen I heard about Kiva in 2011 I had to help! I LOVE Kiva, it is a brilliant way to make a BIG impact with just a little. The way Kiva works is you make a loan to a person of your choice and they pay you back. The best part is when they pay you back you can roll that amount into a loan to someone else. It’s like a never ending cycle of love and support. I’d love for you to join our Yarn Obsession With Heart Kiva Team so you can make loans too!

Charity Water initiative on Yarn ObsessionI heard about Charity Water via my mentor Marie Forleo when she ran a campaign last year that raised over $63,000 which was $20,000 over her goal! I LOVE Charity water because it helps in a way that we take for granted every day. Water helps people live, feel strong and even feel beautiful. That’s what I love giving to the world via my connection with Charity Water! 100% of your donations go to funding water projects because the non-profit has separate donors to support their operations! WOW!!


Girls Inc. Charitable Giving on Yarn Obsession @sedruolaWhile watching television one night I saw a commercial featuring beautiful young ladies declaring their strength. I took note of the organization. It was Girls Inc. A charitable organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, and giving more than 138,000 girls across the U.S. and Canada life-changing experiences and real solutions to the issues girls face. Their mission resonates so much with the Yarn Obsession mission to empower women that I’ve placed it on my roster for charitable giving and partnership in the coming months.