January 2015 Report Journey to 100K

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January 2015 Report - Journey to 100K on Yarn Obsession https://yarnobsession.com

January 2015 Report Journey to 100K


Getting Started

As you know Yarn Obsession started on a journey to 100,000 monthly visitors in January 2015. Although I  didn’t start right at the beginning of the month, I think the starting point still gave me a good idea of what was working to achieve the goal.

What I hope to do with these monthly report is give you the information I’ve learned while implementing different ways of doing things so you can avoid my mistakes or duplicate my successes. Please keep in mind, there are many variables that go into every aspect of any business building venture so results always vary. However, one thing I do know is if you start emulating successful people, you’ll find your own success formula much faster. So let’s get going!

Starting Numbers & Goal Targets

At the beginning of January I came off of December with some of the highest numbers I’ve gotten since launching my WordPress website. At the end of December my monthly visitor count was 50,610! Looking at that I wonder if I’ll reach my goal of 100,000 faster than expected and need to push the envelope a little bit. Having 50,610 visitors in December meant I had an average of 1,633 visitors per day, so some days were higher and others were lower. Overall, those numbers were good when compared to previous months. In January my monthly visitor count was 59,904! That means in January I had an average of 1,980 visitors per day.  Whooo Hooo, That’s an increase of 8% over December! I’m moving in the right direction!

January 2015 Report Journey to 100K Referrals Image https://yarnobsession.comTraffic Sources

When I look at my traffic sources I’m excited to see that search engines are in the top two slots for referrers because it means that my SEO is working pretty well. However, I really want search engines to be in my #1 spot so I’ll be working on enhancing the SEO. The reason I want to raise my search engine numbers is because that will raise my organic reach, reach that I don’t have to go out and cultivate but that my work cultivates on it’s own. Having great traffic from Pinterest is exciting too because it means my content and images are attractive and, therefore, grabbing attention. The goal is to have the majority of my traffic coming from search engines, then my social media platforms.

What I did Differently

January 2015 Report Journey to 100K posts and pages https://yarnobsession.comIn January I started being more consistent with my posting schedule. I published a new post every Tuesday and Thursday with an email of the post content going out on the following day to my email list. This allowed my posts to have two lives and more reach. I also made sure to share my posts on all Yarn Obsession social media platforms and in various social media groups. Having others help spread the word really helped with the spread of my information.

Toward the end of January I started scheduling my posts to be shared every day on social media for 30 days following the initial publishing date. I’m going to monitor this action and report more in February’s report.

I published more free patterns this month which I think contributed a great deal to getting more visitors. However, I also published a few business articles that got a lot of interest as well. This lets me know I’m reaching my target audience with my information and they’re interested.

Going Forward

Looking at the information from January I’m planning to make a few adjustments in February and see how well they work:

  • Research SEO and implement title, body, photo and video tagging needs to increase organic reach
  • Increase posting consistency to 3 times per week
  • Increase tutorial videos
  • Increase free pattern releases


Overall I’m happy about the numbers and since we’re moving in the right direction, all I”m going to do is tweak what I”m currently doing and implement a few new strategies to push toward the ultimate goal.

I hope this has helped you think of ways you can increase your traffic. I look forward to sharing with you again in February!