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Hook Yourself Up: Pricing Crochet for Profit | Yarn ObsessionWhat’s this book about anyway:

Building Confidence

You know how you feel when you’re all dressed up and you know you look good? Well “Hook Yourself Up: Pricing Crochet for Profit” gives you that feeling, except for your business.

It’s feeling good about your pricing, knowing it’s fair and will keep you in business…and affording that fancy night out, with no worries!

This book is about being confident in yourself, what you do and how you price it. When you’re confident, no one can make you feel bad for going for your dream.

Look, the bottom line is, when you’re priced for your target audience and business needs, you won’t worry when someone walks away. You’ll know they just aren’t for your business and that’s okay.

That’s true confidence and that’s what this book is about. True confidence in pricing.

Why do I need this book:

To Make Some Money

I’m guessing that when you decided to turn your crochet hobby into a business the first question you asked yourself was “How much should I charge?” So, you did some research on businesses similar to yours and decided on a price.

That doesn’t usually work very well because pricing isn’t about comparing, but calculating. Pricing’s about knowing what you want, need and deserve and making sure you’re getting exactly that.

Every time a new opportunity shows up you’ll be ready to make more money.

“Hook Yourself Up” gives you formulas to help you know your business and target audience so well that making money is only a matter of getting yourself seen.

Why “Hook Yourself Up” is the best tool for your business:

Find happy customers

  • There are right and wrong questions. You’ll learn the right questions to ask, places to look for your target audience, and those who’ll be happy to do business with you.

Price for wholesale profit

  • Whenever you sell, you need to make a profit, so pricing for the wholesale market is just as important as retail.

Price for retail profit

  • Learn to decide on your retail price with bold confidence

Price for “love” profit

  • Allowing your family & friends to pay a discounted price should still give you a profit, you’ll learn how

Price for a sustainable business

  • If you want to be in business for a long time, this book will teach you the most important thing you’ll need

Add variety to what you offer

  • Finally, you’ll be excited to create different streams of income with your crochet skills, because you’ll be buzzing with ideas you didn’t think of before.

“Hook Yourself Up” mission:

To teach you to make money using your crochet skills so you can enjoy the “extras” in life worry free!

Hook Yourself Up Today


Only $9.97 eBook

Only $14.97 $13.47 Paperback until 10/31/18

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