Guest Blogging

Hello! I’m so happy you stopped by today. Guest blogging on Yarn Obsession is open! Why? Well, because guest blogging is a great way to get your name in front of a new audience (mine) and for me to still bring value to them without writing (typing) my poor fingers off!

The best way to make an impact is by having an article that’s completely original. I’d prefer if it had never been published, but, if you can alter and tweak it so it’s fresh, then I’d be more than happy to take a look. 😉

Article Submission

If you’ve got an idea feel free to submit it using the form below.

The only thing I ask is that we partner in promoting your guest post, we’ll reach a wider audience and have more fun!

I’m open to what your creativity will deliver but here’s a list of ideas (in case you need a nudge) of what I’d love to feature on Yarn Obsession:

  • Creative Business Marketing
  • “How to” articles (crochet, business, marketing, selling etc.)
  • Self-Improvement / Personal Development
  • Yarn Industry Insights
  • Inspirational
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Free pattern articles (Exclusive to Yarn Obsession)
  • Tips and Tricks for Crocheters / Knitters / Spinners
  • Buying, working with and selecting yarn
  • Stitch Tutorials / Pictorials

I’m sure you get the idea so feel free to submit your idea no matter what it is and I or my assistant Erin will be sure to contact you.

At the end of every article I’ll post a short bio of you and your business along with links back to your website. The whole reason for guest posting is to get yourself out there, so let’s make it happen!

Once you submit the form, Erin will or I will review it. If you’ve been accepted, we’ll contact you to hash out the details.

Here’s the thing, sometimes we’ll like your idea but not fully understand how you’ll do it so we may need more information from you before we decide to move forward.

Please submit the idea in a paragraph or two. We don’t need the whole article right now, we just want to know what you’re interested in submitting. Once we, you and I, decide to move forward you can get to work and submit the article and we’ll let you know all the details of when it’ll be published so you’re ready to promote it everywhere!

Yarn Obsession will promote your article on all the following platforms:

  • Facebook – 38,767 followers
  • Pinterest – 23,332 followers
  • Instagram – 870 followers
  • Twitter – 5,700 followers

To have your guest blogging idea considered fill out this form & submit. Include your title idea and an excerpt.

I can’t wait to work with you!


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