Getting more engagement on Facebook

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Get more engagment on your Facebook Crochet Business page on Yarn Obsession

Getting more engagement on Facebook


When I started my Facebook business page in 2008 I had no idea what I needed to do. I was sporadic with my posts and often frustrated because I had little to no engagement and certainly no sales from my Facebook page. Several times I was about to just give it up and try something else but two things stopped me: 1 – My cousin, who is always on the cutting edge of technology told me to stay the course because I was doing exactly what needed to be done; 2 – I’m a stubborn woman who doesn’t easily let go if I feel something is right, and I felt it to my core that Facebook was important to the growth of my business. Fast-forward to 2014 and I not only look forward to posting every day, but I look forward to seeing what my followers are sharing with me and interacting with them. I’ve gotten to know who they are even a snapshot of their lives. What changed? I got consistent with my posts and started listening to what they were saying or asking for. I also invested in my education on how to get my business growing and it’s paid off wonderfully!

Today, I want to give you a small bit of information that you can put into action right away and see big results! I’m always looking out for the questions that pop up consistently and that can be answered easily. The questions “what do I post?” and “how do I get more engagement on my Facebook page?” are two major questions I had and that I hear regularly. So, I decided to take an afternoon and create this infographic to help outline the steps. Just like anything, the information doesn’t work without action so I encourage you to read through the infographic then implement the steps consistently. I promise you’ll see a difference!

Find this infographic helpful? Iā€™d love for you to grab your free copy of ā€œ5 Steps to Successfully Starting a Crochet Businessā€ to make sure all your steps are in place. Then join me at the Yarn Obsession Academy to learn more!
Get more engagement on your Facebook Business Page