Have you found your target audience yet?

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Have you found your target audience yet?

Have you found your target audience yet?


That’s the question I ask all my crochet business owners when they say that they aren’t selling anything. As you know I run an Inner Circle where I work with knit & crochet business owners to help build and grow their businesses. Any one of them will tell you I always emphasize finding your target audience. Why? Because you can’t sell a bone to a cat. Ok, maybe that’s too far fetched, but the idea is the same. You can’t sell something to someone who doesn’t want or need what you have. So earlier today I sent out my newsletter and I talked about this very thing. Since I think it’s so important, I wanted to share it here, with you, and elaborate just a little bit more on what you can do to find your target audience.

Number One: I wrote a booklet on just this subject that you can download for free CLICK HERE: How to Find Your Target Market

Number Two: Let me give you a few guidelines (with some elaboration) that I gave to my V.I.P. list this morning. (click here to get on my list)

“How do I reach my target market?

1) Figure out where they shop – If you figure out where your target market/audience shops you can create a marketing plan that looks, feels and speaks like to them like their favorite shopping places look, sound and feel. I’m not saying to copy exactly but to know the language, colors and style that will attract your audience. Once you get a feel for this information, you’ll be able to fashion a brand that appeals exactly to your target audience and draws them in to your business.

2) Figure out what they like – Knowing what your audience likes makes it easier for you to find a way to make that part of your appeal. If your audience likes fun and funky, then find a way to be fun and funky. If your audience likes classic then make that part of your brand. If you don’t appeal to your audience, you won’t stand out. Again, you don’t have to be something you’re not, but you do have to incorporate elements that are going to give your audience a reason to, not only look at you, but get to know you.

3) Be where they are – What restaurants do they love? What movies do they see? What activities do they do? Knowing the answers to those questions allows you to market to your audience where they are by placing your ads in the right magazines, on the right websites or in front of the right audience via pay per click advertising. Targeting your audience with ads has never been easier so if you know where they are shopping, eating or which websites they love, all you have to do is put yourself in their line of sight and speak directly to them

No one can tell you exactly where your audience is but once you know who they are, finding out what they love and figuring how to be in front of them is not so hard. Pay attention to their needs then deliver.

Have you figured out your target audience? If so, what are some of the things you did to find them? We’d love to hear in the comments below.