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Do you have Facebook for your crochet busienss? | Yarn Obsession

Do you have Facebook for your crochet business?


When I started my Facebook Business page, I wasn’t sure what would happen. I wasn’t even sure how I wanted to use it for my business. I just felt it was a smart thing to do because so many large brands were doing it. In the past few years I’ve found my Facebook Business page to be an amazing tool in developing relationships with customers, peers and vendors. It’s so easy to work with the Facebook Business page. It’s almost like a business lounge.

I have a YouTube channel where I do a lot of teaching and sharing, and I do answer comments, but it’s not a place where I want to hang out and meet my customers or students. I have this website, and although I love getting comments (hint), it’s certainly not the place to carry on a conversation. Then there’s Yarn Obsession on Facebook, that is where I check in as often as I can to see what my friends are talking about and to share fun information. It’s the place I choose to sit and interact if I have more than 5 minutes in my day to interact. Facebook is my lounge.

Things to Keep In Mind

If you’re wondering about a Facebook Business page for your crochet business here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Use it as a tool to connect with your clients. It’s a great place for one-on-one interaction with those who have “liked” your page. Make sure it’s interesting and engaging.
  2. Keep it professional. It’s ok to get personal but make sure it’s fun, relevant and still in the realm of professional. Keep the focus on creating a relationship with those who like what you share. After all, they came to interact with you and get to know you better.
  3. Run an ad to get more exposure. I know many people have been complaining that they now have to “pay” to get their information to people who have already “liked” their page, however, I say, pick a budget you’re comfortable with and run an ad. If you have $2 a day, you can increase your fans in a short time and that gives you more people to connect with. Ads are part of business so create a budget and go for it! Besides it gives you more incentive to really engage on your page.
  4. Make it fun! I’m working on getting as much information streaming and incorporated on the Facebook page as possible. I want it to be a fun place to get information on yarn, crochet, and anything yarny related that I can find and share. I also encourage my fans to share their projects, patterns or information with each other on my page, talk about fun!

My page has been growing quickly in the past few months and yet I know there is even more potential to be tapped. The Yarn Obsession Facebook page is an invaluable tool in my chest and I want to make sure it works for my audience as well.

So, if you’re thinking of creating a Facebook business page for your business, I highly encourage it. However, it is a place for interaction so it needs to be active to work. Stop by the Yarn Obsession Facebook Page, “like” the page, hang out and see what’s going on. Then, go to the top right hand corner and “Create Page” for your crochet business. It will be worth the time investment you make. I’m working on a series to help walk you through the process of creating your own Facebook page so stay tuned.

If you already have a page for your crochet business share it with me in the comments, I’d also love to hear how your Facebook experience is going.