Do I Need A Merchant Account?

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Do I need a Merchant account on Yarn Obsession

Do I Need A Merchant Account?

My mom is an entrepreneur. For as long as I can remember she has worked from home doing great with direct sales and now with her own company. My mom has a merchant account so when I started my business I wondered if I needed to have a merchant account too.

Have you wondered about getting a merchant account? Maybe you’ve worked a craft show where you saw other vendors taking credit cards with their machines knowing it would make things easier for the customer.

Don’t worry! Things have changed A LOT since my mom started her businesses and in this video I go through the pros and cons of having a merchant account and using a third party solution.

Yes, third party solutions, such as PayPal, have made it a lot easier for us to run our businesses and get paid faster and easier.

After watching, please leave a comment on what you think will work best for your business. Not everyone’s business is the same so don’t worry that you’re making the wrong decision, there is no wrong decision.