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Crochet Business

The crochet business is a fun adventure that isn’t for everyone. Having said that, if you feel in your heart that crochet is your passion and something you’d like to make a business then I fully encourage you to go for it! The best way is to consider it a true business and not something you are “just trying out” because it will fail. How do I know? I’ve been there. When I started my business in 2006 I just wanted to “try it out” without putting the thought of real business behind it. I quickly burned out from ‘trying’ to sell and not getting any traction. So within 8 months I stopped trying.

However, crochet is my love. Playing with, buying, touching and creating with yarn excites me. So in 2008 I began again. This time I started differently. I found out what needed to be done so it would be a real business. I read books on business and, more importantly, online selling. I also found a love for crochet pattern designing so I started writing down my designs and added crochet patterns to my offerings.

Today, my business looks completely different than the first model and that’s because I took my business and myself seriously. Today, Yarn Obsession is focused on creating fashion patterns and helping other aspiring crochet business owners learn the steps I missed when starting out. It is an amazing thing to do what you love and live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed about all your life! Below I want to share some resources and information that can help you get started.


Steps for a Crochet Business

1)   Find out what your city/town and state require for you to start a business. Some require extensive paperwork, others just want you to be registered to start your venture. Find out and get it done.

2)   Join my list and download my free “5 Steps to Successfully Start a Crochet Business” book and webinar. They will give you the basic framework needed to truly build and grow a great crochet business.

3)   Determine what your business goals are with regard to income. If you don’t know what you need to make in order to keep your business viable, you won’t know what you need to charge to make a profit. Here’s a basic post (and video) on how to determine your pricing.

4)   Decide if you want to create inventory or work with custom orders. There are different implications with each and you need to know which will work best for your business needs.

5)   Learn, learn, learn. The business landscape is always changing to learn as much as you can about business, crochet and how the two work together.

Creating a crochet business is like any other venture, you get from it what you put into it. So, don’t just try it, jump in and give it all you can and know that it is possible to create a life and business you love doing what you want to do. I’m proof and helping you get there is my mission!

Question: What do you think is the biggest thing holding you back from starting and pursuing a crochet business? Does that frustrate you? If so what do you think you can do to change that?