Crochet Baby Items That Sell Well

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A few years ago I wrote this little article called “Crochet Items That Sell Well“! In that article I outlined what I believed to be the criteria needed to sell crochet items.

This time I want to be more specific about crochet baby items, as they relate to the criteria, that will sell well during this high season of sales. As we hit each high note, I’d like to give you some insight and specifics related to crochet baby items and how they’ll sell.

Who you’re making crochet baby items for

[wp_ad_camp_5]Of course baby items are for babies to use. However, they don’t buy or make decisions about what they’ll wear. Here is a list of people you want to consider reaching with your message:

  • New Mothers – Always want the best and most unique items for their first babies
  • New Grandmothers – Very excited to have a grandchild, want unique items
  • Aunties – Especially first time aunties want to give unique gifts
  • Women between the ages of 25 – 45 – With changing demographics this is a large age range to manage, however, more women are waiting longer to have babies so hitting within this range will surely get you the right audience.

It’s not important that the item is crochet

A few years ago I asked a large audience of women what their criteria was for buying a sweater. The answers didn’t surprise me at all. They spoke about fit, wear, durability and sustainability. . . no one mentioned that the sweater had to be knit, crochet or sewn. When I got even more specific and asked was it important that it be crochet, they said no. The most important thing about your piece is that it’s beautiful, unique and well made. Crochet happens to be a bonus, not a benefit.

Crochet Baby Items That Sell Well | Yarn ObsessionMake it special

We all know that we’re unique but one thing we really want to believe is that our children are even more unique. Crochet baby items that are unique and special will always get more attention and more sales. Don’t just make a blanket, make a monogram blanket or put the birthdate on the blanket. Use high end yarn that creates a beautiful soft piece. Use a new textured stitch. There are endless ways to make your crochet baby item stand out in the marketplace.

Make items that speak to your audience

[wp_ad_camp_4]The first thing I said above was that you need to know who you’re making crochet baby items for. Once you know which particular audience you want to speak to, speak to them:

New Mothers – Create items that are unique fun and gentle for baby, easy to care for

New Grandmothers – Create items that are durable, unique and well made. This is a good place to create items with higher quality materials

Aunties – Create items that are cute, unique and fun

If you’re creating items for a general audience be sure to be unique. Create items that stand out on their own. Do not rely on your “customer service” to be the determining factor for selling your pieces. Great customer service will keep customers, but you need something more to attract customers.

Items that always sell well

Okay, so now we’ve touched on all the other stuff, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, the actual items that sell well. This list is in no particular order. Keep in mind, that the items must be well made and presented well to sell, however, these items will never go out of style and when you establish a good market, you’ll do really well.

  • Baby blankets
  • Newborn sets (blanket, sweater & booties)
  • Baby hats, bonnets, headscarves
  • Baby mitts
  • Baby girl dresses for all seasons & occasions
  • Baby bootie & sweater combo
  • Baby toys

Specialty items like cart covers, stroller covers or bibs will sell, but not as quickly & easily as the above items. What would be truly unique is to pair a specialty item like a bib or stroller cover with a best seller like a blanket or sweater! Once you begin to bundle and create unique packages, you’ll see an increase in sales.

Decide what it is you love to make then figure out your audience. Once you have those two things figured out, go for it! The better you know your audience, the better you’ll target your pieces, the more you’ll sell.

Remember to have fun along the way!

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