Confessions of an Amateur Crochet Blogger – Guest Post

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Waaaaaay back in December 2015 I introduced you to a lovely young lady named Lisa. Back then she was an amateur crochet blogger just getting started. Today? Well. . . .

Lisa approached me with the idea of creating an exclusive pattern for Yarn Obsession and I happily accepted. What I later found is she has a lot in common with my kids and that gave me a soft spot for her right away.

You remember the Bobbles & Boho Shawl pattern right? Well, that was her exclusive pattern for us, but she’s got plenty more going on at her own blog Geekly Chic Crochet! Amateur crochet? I think not! She’s learned a few things and grown in the last year so she asked if she could share with you. . . how could I say no to such a lovely, smart and sweet young lady?!

So, here is Lisa, telling you in her own words what the last year has meant to her. I would love to see you give her the support that will help her keep marching on this not always easy journey!

Bobbles & Boho Crochet Shawl Pattern

Bobbles & Boho Crochet Shawl Pattern

Lisa’s Post

“Hello, I’m Lisa Komprs. I’m only twelve years old and just finished the 6th grade… but I stand around 5’ 8’’ or 9’’. I’ve got a crochet blog where I post patterns and other crafts. I like to eat. I like to eat a lot.”

This is my honest and true introduction. The first impression on people. To you it might say, yeah this kid has no idea what she’s talking about. Perhaps you’re right…because I totally agree with you.

It was only a year ago, July 25, 2015, that I started a teeny blog called Geekly Chic Crochet.

I chose the name Geekly Chic because crochet/knit is something ‘geeky’. We fuss over yarn and aluminum crochet hooks; oh and if it’s a piece of wood… we go even crazier! So yes, we are geeks. In a good way!! But creating something is where the ‘chic’ comes in. Handmade is beautiful. It’s an art made by you. So I put it all together and ‘Geekly Chic Crochet’ was born.

In this past year, I’ve accomplished and overcome many things. For a fact, I found a free website tool. For me, I think that was big because as soon as I clicked create I dove into the design and creating new content.

My first few designs weren’t so good. Not that my design right now is either! But I tried to make the most of the Blogger custom design already provided. (Lemme tell ya, it is hard enough). I eventually started making my own banners. Which led me on the path to graphics and typography.

If you asked me where I got my inspiration for design, I would have to say its from my web surfing. Most of the blogs I follow have inspired my posts, techniques, or designs. Knowing your community online is crucial. It opens up so many possibilities. You can’t do it all alone. If it weren’t for my pattern release on Yarn Obsession… I wouldn’t have anybody even glancing at my blog.

Meredith Slouch Beanie by Geekly Chic Crochet

Meredith Slouch Beanie by Geekly Chic Crochet

Get involved with groups on Ravelry or social media and build relationships. That’s something I wish I did more this past year. Bloggers or not, each face is important to me. When I get a comment that asks me a question, I answer immediately and start writing a post. That’s what makes me happy. What makes you happy? Using the words of Paul Blart, why do you do it!?!

I also wish I spent more time planning my posts and content. I think I spent more time worrying over the design of my blog than actually posting content that my readers came for.

Now that I’m using the planner I bought… I know exactly when something is due or when I should start writing the post. In my monthly view, I write down every Tuesday’s post. In the weekly view, I list all my ideas and I can also assign myself tasks.

The last thing I wish I’d done is invest in an email list. As I watched webinars and YouTube videos… I realized a stable and quality mailing list is crucial. It gives the connection between you and your customer. You give the customers a bit more quality content. Quality was a huge problem with me this year… I learned that quantity is definitely not quantity.

So let me leave you with this. If you’re starting a blog or website; focus on what you want to GIVE, not what you want to GET. Looking at page views is useless. Jumping up and down when someone from a foreign country stumbles across your blog does bring more success (yeah, I’ve done that). Focus on the content and earning your followers. Your first year will not be a booming success. That’s what makes blogging so special. You work hard for your goals…and you celebrate them. So I invite you to join me…

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