Cold Weather Crochet Review & Giveaway

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I love it when I can get a book for the purpose of reviewing it for you.

Because cold weather is making it’s last stand, I wanted to get this review done in time for you to still create beautiful crochet to keep cozy!

I want you to know that all the opinions in this post are mine! I was not paid to do this review, I simply got a copy of the book so I could create and review honestly.

So, now that we’re done with the heavy stuff, let’s move on to the fun! (affiliate links below)

Cold Weather Crochet Book Review and Giveaway | Yarn ObsessionThe Book Review

The first thing that drew me to “Cold Weather Crochet” was the image of the beautiful hood on the cover! Just beautiful!

In the same spirit of Interweave Press books, this book is full of beautiful large images so you can see the details of your projects.

The charts and instructions are laid out beautifully so it’s easy to navigate the pattern you’re working on. Plus, you can’t beat the fact that there are 21 lovely projects in this book to choose from.

As I usually like to do, I created a project from the book but it wasn’t the hood, sorry, I got lazy. . . it happens. 😉 But, I did make a cool scarf that was just as much fun to see and create!

The really nice thing about this book is there really aren’t many crochet patterns that need complicated sizing. If you’re a beginner you’d have a ton of fun growing into the various patterns and feeling confident doing each one.

The Project

My project of choice swat the “Keyhole Fringed Scarf” which was so much fun! I got to use yarn in a slightly different way and it turned out pretty cool!

The images are great and all the instructions were laid out beautifully, the only place I got a bit tripped up is when I read the instructions for the fringe and it just seemed like too many words.

I just want to read it the way I’d like to hear it. Simple wording that isn’t being too “smart”, I’m a simple kindda gal after all.

That’s not a terrible thing, but it is something to consider if you’re new to crochet and may not be able to decipher what the instructions are trying to say.

Beyond that, the scarf works well and is going to be a gift to someone in the near future (I made it in their favorite colors).

As you can see in the photos, the fringe and pocket both work well to make this piece stand out from all other scarves. I would certainly make this project again because the time commitment was easy to manage.

Cold Weather Crochet Review & Giveaway | Yarn ObsessionThe Interview

Hi, I’m Marly Bird!

How long have you been in business?

Since November 2007

What makes your business special?

I am a crochet and knitwear designer who has taken her passion for the craft and made it into a viable business. I am now the spokesperson for Red Heart Yarns, Host of the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird, author of several books, and I teach around the country at various expos as well as online via Craftsy and Creativebug.

What was your biggest obstacle when starting your business?

Cash flow and time management. Both are still a struggle to this day.

What’s one thing you’d go back and tell yourself as a new business owner

Pay quarterly taxes, waiting until the end of the year is hard

What’s your favorite thing to do in your business?

I love to design

Cold Weather Crochet Review & Giveaway | Yarn ObsessionWhere will your business be in 5 years?

I hope to have a business that is beyond what it is today. I would like my YouTube channel to be even more dominating in the industry and I would like to have my own products on the market.

What do you LEAST like doing when it comes to your business?

Bookkeeping. I am terrible at it and I always put it off.

We would all like to know what’s your superpower?

I can combine knitting and crochet in my designs

What’s your business name and how did you choose it?

My business name is Yarnsports LLC. I chose it because I play with yarn 🙂

The Contest

Here’s your chance to win a copy of “Cold Weather Crochet” by Marly Bird! I KNOW you’ll enjoy the projects just as much as I did and will! 🙂 Good luck!

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