How to create a crochet pattern – part one

How to create a crochet pattern on Yarn Obsession

My husband’s cousin is getting married in July. While planning what to wear for the wedding, along with what patterns to create for Yarn Obsession I had an epiphany! Why not design a dress that I would wear to the wedding as part of the Yarn Obsession 2014 Crochet Pattern Collection?! Brilliant! Then there was…

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10 random things about me

10 Random Things About Me | Yarn Obsession

10 Random Things About Me   This is me. Those who follow me have seen me before and know quite a bit about me already. You know that I’m married to my love and that I have two amazing children that I love. You also know that I crochet and love to help others grow…

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Interview in Crochet Savvy

Crochet Savvy Screen Shot

Interview Crochet Savvy magazine!   I’m so thrilled to be able to share this interview with you. After launching the Yarn Circle in early February Keturah, the editor of Crochet Savvy, contacted me to do an interview for the magazine. I hadn’t heard of the magazine before, but I took a look and knew instantly…

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