Building a Crochet Business? Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

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Building a crochet business? Don't quit your day job!

Building a Crochet Business? Don’t Quit Your Day Job!


Now when I say don’t quit your day job I don’t mean ever, I just mean now, while you’re working to get your business going. Thing is, having your job to keep you financed and stress-free is a great thing when starting your business. It’s also a great way to make sure your taxes are covered for your side gig. When your crochet business begins to blossom and grow, then you can consider quitting. But not before you can comfortably know that you’re ready and your business will cover all your expenses.

Now, believe me, I understand if you have no choice. Maybe you’ve been laid off or you’re about to retire, in that case take this opportunity to learn as much as possible and do something to move your business forward every day! Otherwise make sure to take note of what I share in this video.

What to Expect

In this video I’ll cover some of the main reasons you should keep your job as you build your business.

Reasons not to quit your day job:
– Taxes
– Income
– Business seed money

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