Bohemian Scrap Yarn Belt

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Don’t you just love when inspiration hits?!

This free Bohemian Scrap Yarn project is fun & easy!

If you’re like me, you not only have a stash, but you’ve got tons of scrap yarn you just can’t throw away! Never fear! This scrap yarn belt will help clear the scraps in your stash in no time!

Start by sorting your scrap yarn by color, texture, length or whatever you’d like and let’s get started!


This is a fun belt project that you can wear with any outfit. The width and length depend on what you want to make just go for it.

Make sure the amount of yarn you have is enough for the length or width you want.

The best part of this free crochet pattern, besides the fact it’s free, is that it’s easy! I know you can whip it out in one afternoons so, dig out your scrap yarn and let’s go!

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Difficulty level: Easy


  • Yarn, As many yarns as you’d like at least 3 yds of each
  • US H8 hook

Bohemian Scrap Yarn Belt Crochet Pattern | Yarn ObsessionFinished Size:

Will vary depending on your desired length, type of yarn and crochet style


Row 1: Measure a 30-inch tail, then ch 111, measure a 30-inch tail then bind off

Row 2: Measure a 30-inch tail, attach to first ch with sc, sc across, at end of row, measure 30-inch tail then bind off

Repeat row 2 as many times as needed to desired width. Make sure the number of rows is a multiple of 3


Take first three strands and braid, leaving 1.5 inches undone at the bottom, knot and leave. Take next three strands, braid leaving 1.5 inches undone at bottom, knot and leave. Repeat in this way until all strands are braided.

Enjoy wearing with multiple outfits!