How to become a crochet designer

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I think there is a lot of mystery surrounding how to become a crochet designer. I don’t think it’s a secret I just think there isn’t much being said, searched or expressed about it. So, of course, I’ve decided to address it here. When you see the title

“How to become a crochet designer”

I’m sure that can be intimidating all by itself, but let me assure you, becoming a crochet designer is not as daunting as you may think. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

How to Become a Crochet Designer | Yarn Obsession

Where to start

The first question is always “how do I start designing crochet patterns?” My answer is, start with a small project. write out your steps and see how it goes. A really great resource I had the privilege of reviewing is Create Crochet Patterns by Sara Duggan. This book is a comprehensive look from getting inspired to taking photos of the completed crochet piece. Everything you can think of has been covered in-between. Sizing, writing and selling. I highly recommend you purchase this book if you’re serious about how to become a crochet designer, the answers are there.

[wp_ad_camp_4]What to study

You do not have to be a studied “designer” in order to design your crochet patterns and designs. What you need is the desire to create and a basic understanding of shape, form, texture and materials. You can find many books on the subject of Fashion Design to help. There is also software available to help with creating schematics and charts to help with your design. So, although you do need to have some basic knowledge the desire to learn and grow and move along is more important.

How to write

Writing crochet patterns is as varied as the people who write them. Knowing who and why you’re writing a pattern will help you determine the ‘standards’ you’ll use in your writing. If you’ll be writing for publication in a magazine such as Interweave Crochet, Crochet! or any other popular crochet magazine, you’ll need to learn and implement the Craft Yarn Council’s Standards for abbreviations, groupings and wording.

Being a professional

Being and calling yourself a crochet designer is completely up to you. Are you a professional? Sure, if you’re making money on your designing then you are a professional. Don’t limit yourself or your thinking because you feel someone else has to validate the title of crochet designer. A professional athlete is someone who gets paid to engage in his/her sport. An amateur is some who is not yet getting paid. If you create patterns and self-publish or sell them on your own website or in a store, you are a crochet designer and a such should devote time to growing and mastering your craft.

[wp_ad_camp_5]Being a designer

Finally, if you make unique items that cannot be duplicated and for which you do not write a pattern, you are still a crochet designer. Why? Because you are designing something that is your creation and the medium you’re using is crochet, therefore you are a crochet designer.

Don’t let the stringent parameters of certain things keep you from fully expressing your creativity in the craft. There are some who have no desire to write patterns or publish them, and yet they create amazing works of art that they would only be able to teach via an apprenticeship, they are crochet designers and some are masters!

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