8 Compelling Reasons to Backup Your Etsy Shop

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8 Compelling Reasons to Backup Your Etsy Shop | Yarn Obsession

8 Compelling Reasons to Backup Your Etsy Shop

Imagine one day, turning on your computer to start working on your Etsy shop and it isn’t there. . . okay, wake up, it hasn’t happened, all is well with your shop but maybe we should talk about how to make sure that nightmare never happens.

Etsy as we all know is a well established online marketplace where they store our shops for us, right?

Most sellers on Etsy consider their Etsy shop a business that means, if they lose information they lose business. Well, Esty is a SaaS application, you don’t need to know what that technobabble means, but what is important is this, according a recent report “40% of survey respondents have lost data within their SaaS applications”.  What? That’s not comforting at all is it?

8 Reasons for Backup

  • Etsy recommends backing up your Etsy shop and they even provide a manual way for partial backup – but their solution only saves text listings and NOT images or other shop information 🙁 You have to remember to do the backup and which images you used.
  • Etsy has very strict policies. When they suspect foul play they can (and will) suspend your shop. If that happens you’ll lose access to all your shop data. You may have all the data stored somewhere on your computer, but imagine all the time you’ll have to reinvest to recreate your shop from scratch
  • We’re human, we make mistakes. If we delete or modify something by mistake we need to recreate it from what we have on our PCs. But sometimes the descriptions or updates we have stored are outdated from the ones we were hoping to have.
  • You’ve invested a lot of time in tagging and modifying your listing descriptions to improve your listing position on Etsy. Sometimes you see improvements, but sometimes changes you made cause you to lose traffic. If you have a backup you can just revert to the previous version. If you don’t have backup, well, you’ll need to recreate the listing settings from memory, which can take more time and can still be prone to errors.
  • After applying a discount offer to your shop you’ll need to modify all your listings to remove the discount notice. If you have an updated backup you can just restore the items to their previous non-discount offer version.
  • Saving shop details on your PC is important, but it’s also recommended to save an additional copy in another location such as a cloud service. Your PC’s hard disk is not 100% failsafe, and laptops can be easily lost / broken / stolen.
  • New Etsy Sellers go through a learning curve during the initial setup. Based on our experience we have seen quite a few new users use the backup to reverse choices they made during the setup process. We recommend having a backup during the shop setup phases.
  • Lastly, but by no means least, backing up previous shop listings will bring peace of mind. You’ve invested  time, energy and emotions in setting up and maintaining your shop. Knowing that even if worst comes to worst a shop restore is just a mouse click away, will greatly reduce any stress and aggravation.

As you can see, backup for your Etsy shop is super important and your next logical step. As Esty shop owners ourselves (Sigal F Jewelry) we wondered how we could backup our shop without losing all the work we put into it.

Etsy recommends saving a copy of the shop and offers a manual tool to download a csv file (type of excel file) with the text of our listings. Although Etsy’s solution is a nice start it’s another manual task we need to remember to do and it’s a partial backup: what about our pictures, shop information etc.

That’s why we decided to automate the backup. Based on a few close friends who also sell on Etsy we defined and later developed an automated solution that can backup and restore (if needed) Etsy shop items and Etsy shop information.

How To Automatically Backup Your Etsy Shop

We created Backtsy as a way to help ourselves, our friends who were also fellow Esty shop owners and you. We know how much time and effort is invested so creating an automated solution seemed the best route. We also know that having a reasonable price on peace of mind was key.

  • Registration to Backtsy only requires access your shop (like apps on Facebook)
  • After registration you will be directed to select the backup frequency: Weekly or monthly (depending on how often you apply changes to your shop)
  • After you select the backup frequency a checkout button will appear, complete the payment via PP and that’s it you’re done! Your shop will be backed up automatically and you’ll have backups from the last 3 months always available.

Whatever you decide remember to protect your shop and back it up continuously one way or another.

8 Compelling Reasons to Backup Your Etsy Shop | Yarn ObsessionThis guest post was delivered by Sigal and Noam Zakai.

Sigal Friedlich Zakai, after 10 years of working as an internal auditor Sigal opened her Etsy shop,  SigalFjewelry, in  2011.

Noam Zakai has been developing software products for over 20 years. What he likes most is creating and planning software products. Noam is personally involved in all the stages of the creation of Backtsy.

Visit Backtsy.com for more information on how to backup your Etsy shop automatically and gain peace of mind in the process.