45 Ways to Appreciate Life

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45 Ways to Appreciate Life | Yarn Obsession

45 Ways to Appreciate Life

Today is my 45th birthday! Yay! I’m so very thankful for this journey we call life!

Today I want to share 45 Ways to Appreciate life! Things that I’ve found slow the bustle of each day and allow me to be truly thankful for the now.

I take the time around my birthday to plan for a new year and to appreciate what I have. It’s reflective, but it’s also great fun as I get to do things I don’t usually get to do (like go to the spa guilt-free). Something else I get to do is give freely as I examine all that I have and realize how truly blessed I am.

So, today, my gift to you in closing my 45 Days celebration is this list of 45 ways to appreciate life.

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Watch the sunset
  3. Watch the sunrise
  4. Sit under the light of the moon
  5. Listen to a baby laugh
  6. Enjoy the sip of coffee/tea
  7. Take a long bath
  8. Take a long walk
  9. Smile
  10. Perform a random act of kindness
  11. Say “thank you”
  12. Say “please”
  13. Receive graciously
  14. Give freely
  15. Unplug
  16. Give hugs
  17. Savor the sights
  18. Savor the smells
  19. Cuddle with __________
  20. Splurge a little
  21. Adopt a pet, child, family, friend. . .
  22. Help
  23. Sing
  24. Dance
  25. Don’t complain
  26. Learn something new
  27. Drink in the sun’s warmth
  28. Teach
  29. Try something new
  30. Give something away
  31. Forgive
  32. Buy flowers
  33. Share
  34. Pray/Meditate/Contemplate
  35. Sit still
  36. Watch the leaves fall
  37. Plant a garden
  38. Hold a baby
  39. Sit with the elderly
  40. Write a letter
  41. Send a card
  42. Have a random party
  43. Frame a picture
  44. Apologize
  45. Love Fully

Thank you all for making this a banner year! Onwards and Forward!

If you have some ideas to add to this list, please share them in the comments below, I’m always looking for new ways to just appreciate my journey!