4 Ways to Attract A Better Audience

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4 Ways to Attract a Better Audience | Yarn Obsession | @sedruola

4 Ways to Attract A Better Audience

Several years ago, when I first started selling my crochet items, I decided to sell at a craft fair. I’d never done it before and I had no idea what to expect, but I thought that’s what you did if you sold crochet so I jumped in and went for it.

After paying my booth fee, gathering my display items and creating my pieces I was ready to sell out.

When I got to the fair, I set everything up and waited. . . and waited. . . and waited. Then it was time to pack up and leave. I’d had a lot of looks, but no sales. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I questioned everything I was doing based on that one experience.

Has that happened to you?

Have you tried something in your business only to watch it fizzle to nothing and thought “This must not be for me.” If you have, this article is for you.

Before you do what I did with the craft fair, please read my article “Some Secrets About Selling at Craft Fairs” I’ve come a long way in learning so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, I’d like to re-visit my painful memory again to help you. Why didn’t I sell anything? I believe it’s because I didn’t know who my audience was and what I’d brought didn’t fit in with their needs. I was talking to myself and not to them.

Had I done a bit of research I would have known that smaller, cheaper items worked best for that fair and I’d have done a lot better because I would have been speaking their language.

Attracting a better audience is simply about attracting those people you’ve decided are your audience or those who are generally attracted to what you sell.

Ways to Attract A Better Audience

I’m sure there are some people who will read the headline and think I’m being biased. I’m not. However, a better audience for any business is the audience that allows that business to grow and thrive. Therefore, what I’m saying is attracting the audience that’s best for your business. There is no way to stay in business if you’re not appealing or attracting the right audience.


The first way is by branding yourself and your business in a way that attracts a better audience. What that means is everything you do in your business should relate to a message or culture you’re working to build with your brand.

Your Brand should speak, look and feel the way you want and the way your preferred audience would want. Branding is something you’ll be working on a lot so start deciding what you’re about and make sure the message is clear. The audience that enjoys what you have to say and how you say it will respond.


JCPenney, a few years ago, wanted to change their positioning in the marketplace. Instead of offering lots of sales, they decided to reduce prices across the board and remove sales opportunities for their customers. It bombed. Even though the prices were a bit lower, their audience didn’t like the idea of not having sales. Once your audience becomes used to your way of doing business, it’s hard to adjust that, especially if what you want to do is increase your revenue.

If your business starts with extremely low pricing, that’s something you’ll need to be confident about moving forward.

Before you panic, yes, you can change your positioning in the marketplace, but you have to be ready for a shift in clientele that will be gradual and may cause you to lose money before making money.


I’m going to say something here that I say in love for all my fellow yarn artists. If you use cheap materials, you can’t expect to have a better clientele.

Sometimes a client will ask me, why can’t I sell my items, they’re made well but no one is buying. Usually it’s because the Brand and Positioning are not in line with the materials that are being used.

If the materials look of lower quality, then the automatic assumption is that the workmanship is of lower quality too. That means a better audience, the one you may want to attract, won’t be attracted because they aren’t getting the feeling of the right quality for them.

I have an article called “Creative Ideas for Buying Designer Yarn at a Discount” that will come in handy if what you want to do is attract an audience willing to pay for quality workmanship and materials.


Finally, I’m going to repeat something I touched on when talking about materials. Don’t lose steam and miss the final finishing touches that make your piece stand out. Your audience may not even be keenly aware of why they aren’t interested, but it’s because subconsciously they’re picking up the lack of quality workmanship in your piece.

But beyond finishing, making sure your work stands out from the crowd is important. If what you’re making looks like most of what’s on the market, then you’ve placed yourself in the middle of a lot of competition. But, if your work looks different, feels different, sounds different and gives a different vibe, you’ll have a much better chance of attracting a better audience because they’ll see your items first.


Attracting a better audience is all in your definition of what’s better. I’d think that what’s better would be the audience that’s ready and willing to buy from your business, so making sure you’re talking to that audience should be your priority.

If after reading these you’re saying to yourself, I’ve done those things, but I’m still not sure why I’m not attracting the right audience, we need to talk. Chances areย  you need a second pair of eyes and a sounding board to help you figure it out. My 20-minute power up calls are free the first time and I’ll help you see what may not be aligning well.

We all want the right audience for our businesses, what we need to do is make sure we’re talking to them where they are, in a way they will respond to offering items they’ll love. Yes, it really can be that easy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you had an experience like mine where nothing sold when you were sure they would? How did you feel and what did you do to turn it around? I’m listening in the comments.