4 Ways to Make this New Year Count

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It’s a New Year, happy New Year! Have you decided how you’re going to make this New Year count?

I know it’s only the third day, but there’s no better time to think about what you want to accomplish than the present.

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t come into this year with a clear cut plan. There’s no clarity of purpose. But, what I did do was think about a few things I may want to get done and why. I also started writing ideas down in a notebook as they come. Not with a clear purpose, but just so I won’t  miss or forget them (my memory isn’t what it used to be).

I’m going to share what works for me because that’s how we learn and grow.

Turn off the noise

Every day I have a commute of about 1 hour round trip. That’s my thinking time. Everything is off and it’s just me and the road. During that time, I listen. No radio, no books on tape, nothing that will “talk” to me, I just listen to myself think.

Sometimes, I play a game where I’ll deliberately ask myself a question and just ponder the answer. What’s fun is when I get an amazing answer I need to pull over and write down. . .yes, I’m still writing things down, I’ll catch up with technology soon. 🙂

You may not have a commute, but carving 10 – 30 minutes out of your day just to listen is something that you’ll enjoy and find very helpful to your personal growth. Turn off the noise & listen.

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Trust yourself

When I started in my business I felt that everyone else had the answers and I had none. I’d think of an idea and look for a blueprint to follow. If I didn’t find one, I’d let the idea go, thinking it was a dumb idea, or I’d make it look like something that was already out there. I didn’t trust myself to know that if I had an idea it was something for me to grow.

Today, I listen to and trust that I can have good ideas and that those ideas are worth exploring. Remember that notebook? I take it with me everywhere I go so I can write down ideas when they come. Later, when I have a moment, I’ll look them over and see if they still excite me. If they do, I begin to figure out how to make them happen.

Trusting yourself may take a few years or a few minutes. It depends on how long you’ve been listening and ignoring and why. But once you begin to trust yourself with the smaller things, you’ll grow to trust yourself with the bigger things too. You know, better than anyone, what’s best for you.

Learn, learn & learn

After you’ve taken some quiet time and you’ve listened and started trusting yourself, learn. Read, take courses, go to seminars and conferences and learn as much as you can about what excites you. Putting yourself out there to absorb information that will helpful to you and your business is the best way to find the golden nuggets. I have a reading list you can start with that lists books I found incredibly helpful to my business and personal growth.

The more you learn, the more you grow, the more ideas you’ll have, the more you’ll be able to listen and trust  yourself because you’ll be coming from a place of learning. Take what you can from all your places of learning then in your quiet time allow it all to simmer so your golden ideas have the chance to rise to the top.


After you’ve taken the time to listen to yourself, learn and grow, work. Put in the effort needed to make what you’re excited and passionate about come to life. I’m up between 4 and 5 am so I can sit in my closet and crank. When I do that, it keeps me from resenting my job, feeling pressured through my day and focused on what I really want to do.

Video work happens on weekend mornings because that’s when I have time to set up, dress up and show up on set, but writing, responding and building work happens in the wee hours of the morning. Your prime time may be late night or mid-afternoon. Whenever works best for you maximize your time. Use it to put in the work needed to achieve your passion.

That’s it. . . for now. That’s what I’d like to share with you today so you can go out there and make this New Year count more than any other year. Don’t worry about speed, worry about content. Start slow and grow from there. Seth Godin says that when you deliver the exact right thing to the exact right person, that’s when you’ll accomplish more. So work on delivering the exact right thing . . . the exact right person will find you.

Happy New Year, Let’s rock this show!

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