4 Steps to a Prosperous Crochet Busy Season

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Welcome to the crochet busy season!

Do you feel it? The excitement that comes around this time of year is palpable. There’s back to school, Halloween and holidays coming up so everyone goes into overdrive.

We crocheters are no different. As a matter of fact it’s doubly busy for us since we’re getting projects ready for all sorts of reasons.

If you’re a crochet business, it’s time to gear up for a surge in sales.

If you’re a hobbyist, it’s time to get those gifts in order.

Even if you’re not planning on making gifts, getting back to creating happens now, after all the “fun in the sun” of summer.

That’s why I’m going to give you four steps to help you organize and get geared up for your crochet busy season. After all, if you’re organized it’ll be a whole lot more fun!

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4 Steps to a Prosperous Crochet Busy Season | Yarn Obsession

Crochet Busy Season Plan

Step 1 – Plan

Whether you’re in business or a hobbyist the best thing you can do is plan (reading this article if part of that). Write out your goals for the coming weeks and months, here are some examples:

  • How many gifts/items do you want to get made
  • Who are you making them for / what are you making them for
  • When do you want to release them / when do you want to have your pieces ready
  • How much time to you need per piece
  • How much do you need when it comes to materials
  • What do you need for shipping / What do you need for wrapping

Getting these things written down will start you on the road to  being truly organized about your busy season.

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Step 2 – Buy

This is the fun part! This is where you scour the sales, contact your vendors and gather all the materials you’ll need to get started on the plans you’ve written down. No, you don’t have to buy everything at once, but you do need to start buying with purpose. You’ll need to stock up on yarn, notions, tools, patterns, shipping materials etc.

Sometimes we buy the yarn and forget that we need buttons or a zipper. Make sure that in the planning stage you write out all the materials you’ll need for your projects so they don’t get missed in the buying process.

Step 3 – Make

Maybe making is more fun than buying. . . okay, maybe not. Truthfully I’m having a hard time deciding which is more fun, but I digress.

Now you get to make your pieces! But wait, this also has to be well thought out so you don’t find yourself fully burned out or in pain at the end.

In step 1, that very important step, I hope you wrote out how much time it’ll take to make each item. The reason for that is, when you know the time it’ll take it’s easier to create without stress.

Your hands, back, shoulders and legs are very important tools in your making. If you don’t exercise them or give them adequate rest, you’ll be sorry.

Don’t find yourself sorry.

Instead, make sure to plan your time accordingly so you can get each item done as needed without over-burdening yourself.

Oh, remember you also need sleep!

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Step 4 – Enjoy!

Once you’re done with steps 1 – 3 you can enjoy the fruits of your planning and labor! Whether it’s feeling incredible for the large donation you made, the gifts that will be opened throughout the season or the pleasure you’ll have seeing how pleased your customers are, enjoying is part of the process.

Busy season is fun, but it can be taxing and many people beat themselves up if they aren’t able to complete their plan. Remember, life has to fit your schedule. If something needs to be taken off the list or re-imagined, that isn’t failure, that’s learning and being good to yourself!

I, for one, am super excited this busy season because we’re settled in our new home, business is moving at a good pace and we’re looking forward to a family vacation near the holidays!

Fall is my favorite season and making snuggly things to wear is part of that.

I wish you great planning, shopping, making and fun!

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