2015 Fall Crochet Fashion Trends

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2015 Fall Crochet Fashion Trends | Yarn Obsession2015 Fall Crochet Fashion Trends

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Remember that anticipatory feeling you got every year toward the end of summer. You knew that a new school year was going to start and you could barely contain  your excitement. There was “back-to-school” shopping and the thought of wearing all your new clothes was enough to keep you up at night.

That still happens at the end of summer doesn’t it? Except it’s not because you can’t wait for school to start, it’s because as a yarn arts business owner (especially if you deal in fashion) the busy season is just around the corner!

Playing with new yarns, colors and fashion ideas is just as great, if not better than, the anticipation of a new school year. . . this time you get to decide what to make, study and where to sell!

Knowing what the 2015 fall crochet fashion trends are is exciting! They are tied directly to general fashion trends which gives you an opportunity to really be creative in what you deliver to your clients. These are the pieces that will really sell well if you’re targeted to the right audience.

Knowing what your customer craves puts you one step closer to fulfilling their dreams and yours! Let’s dive in!

Style Trends

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70’s Style – The 70’s were the heyday of crochet (that’s coming back) and right now all things 70’s are really hot! Remember those granny vests and tops? Those are perfect if you can create them with a modern flair. Think bold colors, sleek styling and fun!

Faux Fur – Fashion stoles are popping up in faux fur everywhere. What a perfect opportunity to use that fun fur yarn in your stash. Cowls, scarves, stoles in faux fur and fun colors (see color trends below) will give you a leg up. This falls in line with that 70’s trend from above ^^

Statement Earrings – If you’re a statement earring maker this season is for you! Large and in charge earrings are all the rage and I’ve seen some amazing pieces from crocheters. If that’s you, get your hook flying and find the audience that is into this fun and fancy trend because they’re going to love what you have to offer!

Neon Colors (updated from the 80’s) – Remember the neon trend in the 80’s? Okay, I know you’ve been trying to forget, but you may want to take a second look. The trend is an updated use of neon as pops of color with greys, browns and blues (see color trends below). So while you may not want to make a full neon outfit, adding a touch of neon to your pieces (especially if they’re geared to young people) will really make your items stand out.

Chunky Style – Got chunky cowls, scarves, sweaters, vests or hats? Great! They are totally the in thing and everyone wants something in their closet that’s chunky. Besides being a quick project, they are hot, hot, hot right now so making chunky items that appeal to your exact target will go a long way this season to boosting your profits!

Winter Florals – Yes, flowers for the Winter are huge and crochet lends itself to making all sorts of items with flowers in amazing ways and colors (see color trends below). Think of hats, duster coats (very hot right now) scarves and more. Anything that can be made “new” with a floral flair will be VERY HOT!

Fringe – Need I say more? Fringe on sweaters, bags, boot cuffs, jackets or whatever else you can imagine will give you an edge in the marketplace because fringe is a trend that falls in line with that 70’s look and with crochet fashion trends.

That’s just a short list of 2015 crochet fashion trends that will help you deliver the best products to your customers. Now, there can’t be a fashion trend without a color trend so finding the right colors for your hot projects will give them a double dose of wow!

Keep in mind the style trends and you’ll get a great picture when you see the color trends. . . I can already hear your creative juices popping! 🙂

Color Trends

Brown / Beige – Yes, that 70’s color is hotter than ever and pairing it with gold, beige and/or a bit of orange is so very geared to yarn and yarn fun! Click Here for some Brown Yarn options

Black / White – Classic black and white is in (when is it not?) and using them together in a sophisticated way can really make your craftsmanship stand out from the crowd. Click here if you need some new Black Yarn in your stash?

Winter Cream – Sophistication at it’s best. Use it alone or with a pop of another color trend (see brown, blue grey) to really make a stand out statement. Click for some Winter Cream Yarn options.

Grey – Steel grey or pewter to be exact. Paired with any other trending color or with varying shades of itself, this color is a unisex wonder! (Not that the other colors can’t go for both sexes) Creating pieces that can be used universally opens up your audience options. There are some great Grey Yarn options to get you started at Amazon.

Blue – And when I say blue I mean navy, cobalt and royal hues of this lovely color! Options? Yes! You have tons of options with this color because paired with any of the other trending colors, it’s bound to make a lovely statement. Click if you’re looking for great deals on Blue Yarn!

Red / Wine – Now, red is hot and wine is totally sophisticated so what more needs to be said? Enjoy searching for your perfect Red Yarn option!

Yellow – Not all yellows, but the almost neon color and the misty yellows. Don’t confuse them with the baby or pastel yellows, there is a difference and using the just right yellow will make a world of difference. Here are a few Yellow Yarn options. . . choose wisely! 🙂

Mauve – Yes, as in purple hues, as in the color of royalty! This lovely color in bright or misty shades is the rage and selecting the shade that resonates with you will be fun and prosperous. . . pick your shade of Mauve Yarn here!

Orange – Remember the neons? Yes, this in a bright neon is great. . . too much for you? Then try a misty hue of the same color. Both shades of orange (and others in-between) are the rage! Grab some Orange Yarn on sale!

Cypress Green – Last but not lease is the lovely shade of cypress. .  .looks a bit like guacamole but fancier depending on what you create with it. . . perfect for those green leaves you’ll need for the Winter Florals you’ll be making! 😉 Here are a few Green Yarn options to get your creative juices in a tizzy!

Which of the trends or colors really got you excited? I’d love to know down in the comments below. What are you going to make or learn to make this Fall Crochet Fashion season?


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