10 random things about me

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10 Random Things About Me | Yarn Obsession

10 Random Things About Me


This is me. Those who follow me have seen me before and know quite a bit about me already. You know that I’m married to my love and that I have two amazing children that I love. You also know that I crochet and love to help others grow their crochet businesses.

Well, today I thought I’d share some random things about me that maybe you didn’t know. Why? Well, why not? We’re here, we connect online, why not share a bit about me, especially since I ask you to trust me to teach you, mentor you, and help you with your hobby and your business.

So, here we are, 10 random things about me in no particular order.

1) I do not like to exercise – There, I’ve said it! For a long time I didn’t want to admit it because I thought if I did it enough I’d get to like it. Nope, didn’t happen. I know that I don’t like it so I don’t really do it. What I am doing can be considered Calisthenics because I am very aware of movement and using my body on a regular basis to get the results I want.

2) I don’t crochet every day – Blasphemy!! What?? I have to admit this too! Sometimes between, kids, business, work, house designing and mentoring, I don’t get to pick up my hook and yarn for days on end. However, the desire and need is always there and when I do pick up my tools, it is most gratifying!

3) I cannot walk around barefoot (except on the beach) – I don’t know what it is, but I need socks or sandals or something on my feet if I’m walking around the house, the street or anywhere except the beach. It may have something to do with number 4. . .

4) I HATE crumbs on my hands – Does that sound crazy? I don’t know, all I know is if I’m eating toast, crackers or anything that produces crumbs as you eat, I MUST have a napkin or paper towel nearby for me to wipe my hands after each bite. It’s strange even to me. . . but my daughter, is showing the same signs. Go figure! LOL

5) I drive a Prius – I LOVE my Prius! Mostly because of the gas mileage. In the summer I’ve gone over 600 miles before needing to fill up once and when I went to fill up, I only needed 9 gallons to fill the 12 gallon tank! It has spoiled me so much that now that we’re looking for new cars (our cars are getting older. . . ) if the mileage isn’t at least 35 – 40 I don’t even want to consider it. Oh boy, we may get a newer year Prius when it’s all said and done. 😉

6) People often think I’m taller if they meet me while I’m sitting – I think it goes back to the Calisthenics thing because I sit very tall in my seat. It could also be because my hubby is 6’3 and they don’t expect that his wife would be 5’0. . . Then there’s the theory that I have a BIG personality. Whatever the case, I always seem BIGGER than I truly am. Double edged sword.

7) I must have a blanket – I don’t care how hot it is I must have something covering at least a third of my body (most times all of my body) in order for me to sleep well. Oh well.

8) I have better than normal vision – Huh? Right now those of you who see me with my glasses all the time are wondering what’s up, but this is the deal. When I went to the ophthalmologist and she tested my sight she was truly amazed. She said, I had “Pilot’s Vision”  which is basically to say I have ‘Hawk Eyes”. The reason I wear glasses is because those amazing eyes want to focus at different distances confusing my brain. I really only wear my glasses to read and work on the computer (sometimes to crochet). Besides that, I can see for miles!

9) I’m a ‘reformed’ New York driver (except when in NY) – If you’ve ever been to NY then you know that driving there can be pretty intimidating and daunting. I used to have a disclaimer when people got into the car with me “I’m a really good driver, if I’m scaring you please let me know and I will adjust.” I am a very good driver, but if you’re not used to the NY way I can scare the living daylights out of you. . . however, I say reformed because living in rural MA doesn’t call for all that “learned driving”. LOL (BTW – my hubby may have other ideas about this being the Midwest Driver he is) 😉

10) My drugs of choice Doritos (nacho cheese) and Caffeine Free Coke – I used to have them every night while I watched TV at the end of the day. Now, I watch TV once, twice if I’m lucky so that’s when I indulge. I love them and when we have Doritos in the house my whole family knows the last of it is mine! We all have our vices, those are mine.


There you go! That’s it, 10 random things you probably didn’t know about me.

I’d love to hear from you if you can relate to any of them (so I don’t feel too weird). Sometimes just knowing others can relate to us makes us feel more connected in the world. I can’t wait to hear!