Why customer service does not matter

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Why customer service doesn't matter on Yarn Obsession

Why Customer Service Doesn’t Matter

Okay, so if you follow my blog you’ve probably read the article on ‘Winning, customer service, a business must have‘ or maybe your read the one where I told you the ‘7 things your customers need to hear you say, winning customer service’ and now, here I am saying that customer service doesn’t matter!

What’s wrong with this picture? Truth is, customer service DOES matter, but, not until customers have a reason to do business with you. Let me explain. Many times I’m working with clients and I ask what makes their business better or more unique than others and they say ‘I have great customer service’. That’s great! But if you have no customers to do business with, how are they going to know that’s one of your selling points or even your MAIN selling point?

There are a number of businesses that have built a reputation for having great customer service only AFTER they’ve attracted their customers and delivered with flying colors. So why do I say that customer service doesn’t matter?

I say it so you’ll look beyond the service you’re going to give after the sale, to the story you’re going to tell BEFORE anyone has a chance to do business with you. What’s your story? What are you offering your customers to help them get rid of a problem they have, fulfill a desire they have or just plain make them happy?

Knowing that and telling that story is much more compelling than saying you give great customer service.

Where to start

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about what you’re doing and delivering. They’ll help you understand what’s unique about your business and how to get the message to your audience.

Does my customer need what I have?

We all have basic necessities in life and being able to fulfill a need is vital to a businesses success. Does what you make cover a need? I’m not talking about the most basic of needs such as food, shelter and water, I’m talking about a need to be warm, stylish, unique, protected etc. Knowing what your customer’s needs are will help you develop items to fulfill those needs
Tweet: Knowing your customers' needs will help you develop items for those needs http://ctt.ec/h25S9+Knowing your customers’ needs will help you develop items for those needs

Does my customer want what I have?

Some needs are also wants. For example, a customer may need a new hat for the Winter and want to look cute. Knowing that gives you an opportunity to fulfill not just what they need but also give them what they want. Some other wants are unique, plain, low-key, noticed, cute and so many more words that can describe a piece but also a feeling that a customer wants to feel.

Does everyone else offer the same style as me?

This is where a I see businesses fall short. They make beautiful things that compete with everyone in the marketplace so customers don’t have to look for unique, they end up looking for the lowest price. Take it from me, the race to the bottom of the price scale is one that will cause your business to lose every time. So, take a look at what you’re making and ask the question is it different enough that only a few people offer it? If so, make sure to let your customer know.

Am I talking to the right audience?

Finally, the last thing I’m going to talk to you about is knowing your audience. If you spend time figuring out how to position your business in the marketplace, but you don’t target the right audience you’ll get frustrated wondering why no one’s responding to your efforts. Finding your target audience will give you the tools you need to understand what to deliver, where and for how much.

Customer service does matter, but it isn’t a special selling point because everyone expects you to have great customer service. Instead, examine your business and your audience and figure out what makes you stand out from the crowd. Once you do that and your customers come, keep them by offering great customer service.

What are some changes you’ve made in your business to attract the right audience and deliver great customer service? Tell me below, I’m listening.