OffDHookCreations – Yarn Business Interview

OffDhookCreations Business Interview on Yarn Obsession

OffDHookCreations – Yarn Business Interview I’m so excited to introduce you to Dee of OffDHookCreations! When I first saw her lovely crochet doll creations I was floored! They are the cutest things ever and she doesn’t make more than one of each. She keeps her creations unique and will even make custom dolls for her…

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How to Add a Review Box to Your Facebook Page

How to Add a Review Box to Your Facebook Page (re-work of a lost post due to technical difficulties. . . don’t you just love tech?!) Just yesterday I was going through my feed and I noticed that someone had mentioned Yarn Obsession. I’m always going through my activity feed because I love to interact…

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Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience on Yarn Obsession | @sedruola

Know Your Audience The other day I was talking to my husband about plans we needed to make to juggle our schedules as we do every week. We wanted to go out on a date night but needed to decide who would watch our kids. In comes our four year old daughter, in the middle…

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