We Are Killing The Crochet Industry

We are killing the crochet industry on Yarn Obsession http://yarnobsession.com

Yesterday was a very strange day. It started at about 6:11 am when I got an email that said “one of your patterns is in an ebook on Amazon” and ended with me reading and listening to some amazing women in this Huffington Post Article about “Why It’s So Important That Women Empower Other Women“. …

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Open letter to Yarn Companies

Open Letter to Yarn Companies by Yarn Obsession

Open Letter to Yarn Companies This is an open letter to yarn companies because as a crocheter I feel a bit marginalized because of the talent I love. I hope that changes soon. Dear Yarn Companies, I’m not just talking to the companies that sell at big box stores like Michael’s or Joanne but I’m…

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Work at home mom thoughts

Work at Home Mom Thoughts on Yarn Obesssion | @sedruola

Work At Home Mom Thoughts I’m a work at home mom and I love it! For as long as I can remember I wanted to work at home once I had children so I could be present for them as much as possible. So, I work at home as a Small Business Marketing Project Manager…

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