Selling Crochet to Unconventional Niche Markets- Part 1

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Everyone wants to sell crochet to the obvious consumer. What if, you could find yourself selling crochet to an unconventional niche market?

I love New York! It could be because I was born and raised there (mostly) and once a New Yorker always a New Yorker, or it could be because of the sheer tenacity that is palpable in the City. Whatever the reason, I love the city and although I no longer live there, it lives within me.  Why do I tell you that? Keep reading.

When it rains in New York, there’s no reason to get wet. Even if you forgot your umbrella at home there’s always a vendor nearby selling you an umbrella for what you’re willing to pay, from five bucks on up the scale. They’re not around when it’s sunny, but when it rains they’re all over the place. Why? Because they know that on rainy days, most people will need what they have to offer. . . So, let’s talk about how this relates to your crochet buying audience.

We, as yarn artists, allow ourselves to be put in a box. We let others decide who will or won’t buy (and for how much) what we have to offer. But, what if, we were to always be in a place where our audience wanted, or needed what we had to offer? What if we drilled down to that specific market that would always be excited to see and buy what we have?

Niche marketing is a bit of a buzz word these days because it’s valuable. Deciding to cater to a specific group when selling crochet rather than the public at large is scary, but can be one of the most profitable opportunities you’re not taking. In the next three articles I’ll outline a few unconventional niche markets where selling crochet can pay off in a big way. Some may be familiar while others may be new to you. Either way, I hope this series on selling crochet will help get your creative marketing juices flowing.

Let’s start with two for today…


Selling Crochet to Unconventional Niche Markets - Part 1 | Yarn ObsessionIf you create cute, novelty and unique items for kids, you may want to get to know the photographers in your area who specialize in kids photos. They’re always looking for new, unusual, fun props for their photo shoots because it’s what their clients want. Being able to offer props that are more interesting than the next photographer is good for business. Plus, novelty items wear out and need to be replaced so they look fresh in photos all the time. Selling crochet specifically to photographers that specialize in babies and kids is a niche market that can be local and beyond. Find them by searching your local directory and/or the internet.

Let’s not stop with kids, what about photographers that work with animals? They need fun props too! Then there are photographers who work with models, real estate agents, staging companies and so much more. The possibilities, when it comes to selling crochet to photographers, are only limited by what you want to create and offer.

Interior Designers

What did you say? Yes, I said Interior Designers! Think about it, if your specialty is housewares such as placemats, afghans, throws, rugs, lampshades, etc? Interior decorators and designers will love you!

They want beautiful, unusual and unique items to offer their clients because anything that makes their clients look good, makes them look good. So why aren’t you contacting them and offering them samples, discounts and more? Their clientele have the disposable income to invest in unique and unusual pieces, so knowing and staying top of mind to interior designers is an amazing source of income for anyone specializing in household items.

Next time we’ll talk about two more unconventional niches markets that are thirsty for new, unique and interesting crochet pieces.

Sure you can keep selling to the public at large, but think of the possibilities if you started marketing to a niche group that knew and understood your value, loved your unique style and came back for more every time you released a new line.

I can hear your brain working on new markets already. Who are you going to start catering to?

Ready to start selling crochet? Follow my series here for a step-by-step outline of what to do!

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