Recommended Crochet Books

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Crochet books to help build your business

Recommended Crochet Books


Last week I introduced you to a list of books I thought would help with building your crochet business. (Book for your crochet business) None of the books were crochet related because in order to build your business you need a well-rounded library. However, this week I want to introduce you to some of the crochet books that should be in your library to help you with technique and design.

Once you get into your business you’ll find you may want to increase your crochet skills and you’ll want to create your own unique patterns and brand your business. Improving and learning new skills will help you do that, and the best way is to find book that help you learn those techniques. Many of these books are already in my library, some are on my wish list. All are of importance. Come back soon as I plan on updating this list periodically!

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