Natalie (crochet pattern)


Natalie – Crochet Scarf Pattern

Natalie pulled the package from the mail slot at the bottom of her three-story walk-up. She liked getting birthday gifts. She liked parties, she liked dressing up – she liked being the center of attention. She thought the world would be a perfect place if everyone could just be the center of attention.

She wrapped her wide, soft scarf around her as she ventured out into the West Village, immediately immersed in the frenzy of the city. Cab drivers veered by, trying to catch the next light. Tenured NYU professors and star struck students popped in and out of cafes. A brisk wind hit her and she tightened the scarf a bit, remembering that not everything in New York was as lovely as she imagined.

It would be five hours before…Full Story with Pattern Purchase ©Travis Maruska

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Natalie is beautiful crochet scarf pattern that can be worn as a stylish shawl indoors. Come meet Natalie & crochet your own Unforgettable piece.

+ Crochet Scarf Pattern / Shawl Pattern

+ Super soft & cozy

+ Level: Beginner

+ G hook

+ 3 balls Red Heart Unforgettable

+ Scissors

+ Large tapestry / darning needle

+ One size fits most (may vary), Length – 60″, Width – 12″

+ Stitches Used (click links for tutorials):

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