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March 2015 Report Journey to 100K

March 2015 Report Journey to 100K Keep Moving We’re three months into our journey to 100,000 monthly visitors and this month was AMAZING! Thinking about how things have worked in the past and that March is typically a VERY slow month for the yarn arts, imagine my surprise when I saw what happened in March!…

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Getting Inspired for Your Yarn Business

Getting Inspired for your yarn business on Yarn Obsession

Getting Inspired for Your Yarn Business You know how to crochet and you think you may want to sell what you make but you’re not sure which direction to go. I know that feeling. When we decide to sell it can be overwhelming to take every order for anything that comes through. In this video…

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Yarn Obsession Business Academy

Yarn Obsession Academy with Sedie Maruska

Yarn Obsession Business Academy   A few months ago I started working on (this is coming soon) a social media course for crochet and knit business owners that would help them make the most of their social presence. Because I want to make this program as useful as possible I asked for your help. I…

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Why? Part 2

Why? Part 2 - Yarn Obsession

Why? Part 2   Last week I started answering some of the “why” questions often heard by crochet artists. If you missed that post, you can read it here CLICK HERE: Why? Part I . This week let’s continue down that path and see if there aren’t a few questions you may have in the…

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